green grotto, part IV












If y’all haven’t been following the Seattle Snowmageddon thread, you should. I am rolling on the floor laughing. Tears are running down my legs…

Edit: There is a great picture of Wooster in the snow, a rare and wonderful sight!


3" snow. Time to panic.
I’m gonna open a beer.


Dance through it, dave.


For our Greens in sunny Florida, vacationing, drinking, frolicking… you lucky dogs…!


Omg yes! I love my coworkers. They’re just as messed up as I am. My boss is the absolute best. I love my actual job. The place feeds us, gives us things, AND WE GET PAID! Sure it’s not always fun, but in general it’s a good place.

The guy who frowned on space heaters left, so now I have independent heat. It’s much better.

Doofus is a contractor and we don’t have much control over them. He used to be out in the shop and he’s really not “office trained”. All the other employees from that service have been perfectly normal reasonable human beings. This guy is just “special”.






It’s not clucking fit for man or rooster outside!


have a nice Saturday greens.


It was great to meet up and see you yesterday also!

Okay, all other Greens! We are 2 hours from
Disney. . . You too can meet us if you come to see the mouse!