green grotto, part IV



28 degrees. 8" snow last night. Brrrr…


Good Caturday morning, Green Team!

Dave, so glad to hear you made it through the night. 8 inches of snow is A LOT! It would be for us, too! Did you say there was more in the forecast?

We’re going out to the movies to see “Green Book”, then for pizza. I heard it’s National Pizza Day.


A new world record for you, dave!


Wooster on guard.


Still snowing.
Jetta is barely tall enough for the snow.
Chevy gave up.
I shoveled a path to a bush in the back for him.


cooler here today, too. 72 right now. chance of rain tonight. but we’re determined to still have fun. :kissing_heart:


How many more days of fun and frolicking can you possibly stand?


Not sure I could ever convince Oogie to go back. We honeymooned there 22 years ago. Stayed at the Wilderness Lodge. Had a great time, but she would’ve rather gone to the Caribbean. Well, we did see the Pirates.


I would love to stay a month, it’s more what I can afford lol

we leave Tues afternoon


I think she’d love going in Oct for the food & wine fest


Hi all - dropping in for a few. I think it’s been a few weeks since I checked in (forum says I missed 1k posts , yikes! :hushed:).

Frantically trying to finish up a few projects at work and home before we have the baby. They’ve decided to induce starting on Thursday night - looks like possibly Friday or Saturday for a birthdate. We’re hoping things go fast and it’s Friday, but if it’s Saturday she’ll share a birthday with @mick52! DaFrogWife is getting pretty uncomfortable - my invitation to the birthing room has already been revoked a couple times (I’m like 70% sure she’s joking :wink:).

Had extreme cold last weekend (-20 temps and -50 wind chills). Took a toll on my car - hoses started freezing. Power steering pressure hose burst and sprayed all over the engine bay. Was going to cost $700, so I looked into doing it myself and found there was a recall on the exact part. Ended up getting it fixed for free (yay!) but it’s another reminder that it’s time to get out of that car sometime soon. Having a hard time picking something since I’m so picky. I’ve looked at anything from little Subaru sedans (Impreza, WRX) to an FJ Cruiser.

On top of everything, oldest son came down with the flu Thursday night. He seems to be getting better slowly, just hoping the virus stops with him - illness is the last thing we need when having a baby next week. He’s old enough to start to understand what makes him sick so we’re trying to work on that with him.

@daveinwarshington, the olive oil is taking FOREVER… Is it some sort of Constantine Roman bronze coin?


Tell her that


CarTalk guys were always talking up Subarus


Yes those CarTalk guys knew their stuff. Seems like Subaru has had a decent number of recalls lately. The two I was looking at aren’t part of them, but I wonder if they eventually will be.


Welcome back!
You’ve got so much going on! Cool!

Yeah, it’s supposed to be some kind of Roman coin. You win!


Playing the Doobies…

And enjoying an Obsidian Stout after spending hours & hours shoveling snow, plowing snow with my tractor and getting my pickup out from 10" of snow. The bed is filled with snow now (snow weight).


Thursday it says 61°, Friday it was 23°, today I didn’t look. I just wore a stupid coat and poof ball hat and went to Menards. I’m going with butcher block countertop, eggshell white smaller subway tile, and some kind of yet to be decided faucet.

I’m not a huge fan of the subway tile, but I don’t want anything with any type of design because it would be too much. I was going to get a white marble, but that’s way too much weight. So subway tile it is.


I really like our Subaru, and it sure did a terrific job protecting K

(we have a legacy)


remind her of all the goodies I posted on facebook this trip, and tell her there are like 10x more cool treats at the Food & Wine fest!

maybe we could meet there in fall 2020… I need a blue drink companion!


@dafrogman good luck with the new baby!! hope your wife isn’t too uncomfortable. so exciting!!