green grotto, part IV



I didn’t know you were getting your kitchen redone. lucky you!


whoa, dave, you guys got 10 inches of snow??? yikes!!!


Is Disney still looking for me?


is your nickname Nemo?


Yes. 10 damn inches damn snow. I prefer RAIN!

It did stop finally.
I bet the weather in FL is slightly nicer.

  • More snow Monday… shit


I was a ‘bad’ boy and they were looking to throw me out.


‘Bad’ at Disneyland???


[quote=“mbspell, post:9130, topic:11857”] I
didn’t know you were getting your kitchen redone. lucky you!

It was never finished lol. I have two “big” projects left inside the house. Finishing the kitchen and flooring upstairs. The upstairs floors are the original yellow pine, but not in a good way. I can ignore those for a while. I got new kitchen windows last year and a garage door. This year I want new countertop, dishwasher, faucets, and a back splash. The house came with new oak cabinets and some of that premade laminate but we changed the layout. I didn’t want my stove under the window (weirdos). So my countertop is pieced together. There’s also a carport and some mustang parts on my list.


today was the coolest day, 67 and windy now. got pants on & a jersey hoodie and still chilly. not looking forward to another 6-8-12 weeks of winter at home.

going to be a storm Tues afternoon/evening. our flight is supposed to land around 7:30 pm. gosh, imagine if we were stuck in FL an extra day??


uh oh, you’re one of those types, eh? just can’t trust you new yorkers…


Enjoy a nice fruity fluffy drink with an umbrella for me!


troublemakers everywhere!!


I got hit with a panic attack just as the ride was about to start. I slipped out of the ride’s locking bar. Then I made a leap to the cement platform.


no umbrella, but this is what I’m drinking right now


SHIT! Disneyland is such a ‘Happy’ place!
Even when I was an obnoxious teenager driving up to Disneyland on a boring weekend, we behaved ourselves mostly!


Tell them you want a damn umbrella now! STAT!


good lord, you’re lucky you didn’t break a leg!!

we see lots of drunken fools at Epcot, especially weekends.


One leg made it; the other banged and scraped. I wish I could blame it on the alcohol, but no drinking was involved.


N found out he definitely got the apartment we looked at last week. he will move in by the end of Feb. he’s SUPER excited. it will be good for him, but the cats are going to be so needy. and we’ll miss him, too.


the new Pandora/Avatar land here is beautiful at night