green grotto, part IV



and we saw lions today!!!


I talked to a number of mechanics about Subarus; no complaints.


That’s it?

I was imagining something like this


That was grounds for automatic ejection.


Oops. Meant to mention you too.


That would be great. If we could get away.


But when we first got to know you, you had 10 feet of snow.


Yeah I remember your experience with the Legacy - that was a factor.


Love Love Love my Outback!




Damn dude


Funny thing was that I did the ride several years beforehand with no problems.


WOW! Spectacular!


I watched that recently. Cool.


“Green Book” was really great, we enjoyed it a lot. Ate too much pizza. Probably gonna crash early.


Me and ladders. I can get on my garage roof fine. Extend it to 20 feet and try to get to my gutters to clean and I freak out. Can’t even go that high. But I’ve been that high before.


Me too and I really enjoyed it. I like those behind the scenes, defunctland, abandoned videos.

Right now I’m watching someone completely redo a meat grinder. I don’t know what wormhole youtube is going down but I’m too lazy to find something else.


those are some great pics Mb!


YouTube now thinks the only thing I want to watch is car wrecks