green grotto, part IV





Happy birthday MBS! Hope you have a great day!


Not so much yet, I think it still hasn’t set in with them yet.


Happy Birthday Beth!!


rain has stopped. enjoying first birthday drink. beer & chips from the England & Canada pavilions at Epcot. sun is shining and 73. my mum & sister sent 6 cupcakes to my room. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world!!


awww, there’s a little cake next to my name today! :blue_heart:


It’s your special day!


Are you asking for the Birthday Discount?


Good news: It warmed up to 32 degrees!
Not so good news: It’s snowing again.

The snow is deeper than Chevy’s legs…

edit- now it’s dumping snow. arg.


Happy Birthday MBS! Wear your tiara today!





It is now dumping snow at my house!




We’ve had an oddly eventful winter so far in 2019. Moderate snow weekly on average. We got about 6" today with another 6" forecasted for tomorrow into Tuesday.

I broke down and bought one of those 4 foot wide snow pushers a while back. Great investment, but I’m running out of places to push the snow.


We got freezing rain!


The snow is almost stopped for now, just under 6" for today.


because they are her big brothers.
they are going to love and protect her.
even with her irritating the crap out of them!! lol


seems like you had a wonderful birthday!!


to express how @hot72chev feels about mondays… lol