green grotto, part IV





Happy Belated @mbspell!

Happy Monday, Greenies!


Snow stopped, but more (5 - 8+") coming in this afternoon.
I’d better go clear the driveway and reduce the snow load on the carport.
They say it may turn to rain Tue or Wed. That sounds like a heavy mess.
Rain is so much easier!


wow, so how much snow do you have on the ground now, dave?


@mick52 I may have missed some posts, did you say how mr. mick did starting back at work?


going up to 83 today. 82 tomorrow but 90% chance of rain. then down to 65 on weds. I guess we picked a good time to leave!!


Stupid Monday. I’m ready to give up and go back to bed.




About 15"
And it started dumping snow a few hrs ago.

You can hardly see Wooster…


Snow tunnels! And igloos and monster snowmen oh my!!

Have you made it into town to restock the beer supplies?


Just called to check my voicemail for the home phone (that’s not actually hooked up to a phone). 30+ messages!

I know that most of it is spam but I need to go through all the messages to make sure. Have had this number for 30+ years and have kept it because it actually costs more to get just internet alone with Verizon than have it bundled with the phone. Plus we have some older family members that use this number as a go to.

I wish I could just mash on the delete button…


If you keep hitting the delete button they’ll clear out pretty fast. I’ve got the same problem. Trump calls me A LOT and people must want me to put up curtains and water my lawn. It’s all junk. Once in a while it’s someone trying to find my parents or other relative. We’re one of those families where 80% of our first names start with J. If I mess up and have kids I believe it’s Jezebel or Juice left. So yeah.


I have lots of beer! whew!

Still DUMPING snow. A ‘white-out’ snow. I don’t even want to go measure it.
Supposed to turn to rain this evening?


We actually have a phone on our landline. A few years ago had new internet installed and went with VOIP. The phone connected to it has a bad/old/nearly dead battery that doesn’t last much more than 20 minutes. We usually get a couple messages with no audio because it is auromated, but of course there is still a message blinking. There are too many people out there with this number so we haven’t dropped it.


Mine have to be played at least partially before I can delete them. Should’ve got rid of the machine and just used the messaging service from the phone company.


Weatherman says we are at 1" over the average snowfall in Akron. Cleveland is -17". Mansfield is +6".
Cleveland usually gets more snow near the lake. Not sure what @cklun has so far. She gets the lake effect snow and it’s worse than Cleveland.



From my “anti-affirmations” calendar today: Monday hates you too.


Green Oldie of the Day
(heard this today on the radio!)

Slightly longer version:


We still have a landline, but we never answer it. Mostly nuisance calls. When it rings, we look at each other and say “Who the hell is that?” and let the machine get it.

I also keep it because of the internet price. Cost me way more to do away with it.