Green Grotto V: now 5x more pretentious!


ya know… you would probably fit right in…:slight_smile:


I remember those sick messy kids days… so much worse when you have it too!!!

good luck… and talk to you tomorrow.:slight_smile:


I love fish. and maybe cheer wine, if I ever get to try it!


I am celebrating “buzzards day” no matter what!!! lol


some show the size, can’t do anything over 500… the others you just wish and hope… some post just fine and when you look later they’re just gone, left only with a green letters and numbers hook ups. it is quite sad when that happens.


I liked him a lot when he first came on… stopped watching him years ago.


guess its wednesday


you keep it up and I am gonna ship her to you chev!! :kissing_heart:



could just be…

“a made up word from someone full of bullshite”


I couldn’t figure it out either


It’s basically cherry pop/soda


I can’t make promises, but I’d love to.


I’m assuming @mtn3pitt isn’t too far away. And @mick52 and @mistermick aren’t either, but may not be able to get away.


Central PA so not terribly far away but late May is booked already. Planning a trip to visit a friend in NOVA for the weekend over Memorial Day, weekend after we have camp training. Don’t plan around me, my schedule is a mess, lol.


busy and tired. I feel like it’s going to be a long week.

at least this is halfway

hapy wooster wednesday!




Possible. I’m going to suggest she listen to it again and think about “neighborhood.”


that was my best guess


I’m having one of those weeks where I want to eat everything. There’s too much junk food in my house. All we have at the office is junk food. And I need to eat all of it.