Green Grotto V: now 5x more pretentious!


That’s logical.
I was trying to split it into 2 words.


Anybody out there?


Nope. I’m in here.


FB has been acting up all day. And was getting lonely in here.


Another busy day at the office. Was supposed to be extra busy with one staff member out but she was able to come in late instead of taking the whole day. Slowly getting caught up but tomorrow will be shit show with more work piled on. Yay!


72 non-windy wonderful degrees. I was reading on the deck. After a while I got kind of hot, but stayed because I thought I should. Stupid.


Walmart has it here in SW VA. Its a southern staple. I noticed most of the greens are up north, us poor southern greens are stranded and miss out on all da fun!! :frowning:


stupid work getting in the way of all the fun


Did you try having a meeting? You could have discussed stuff and twirled pens.


Christmas day



Only thing I came up with - “corner road”.

Probably “neighborhood”.


I see this has turned into Chicken Shaming Day.



Oh no you don’t!


every month I think things will slow down, and every month I am wrong.


I am so glad Hoarders is back on. that is one of my guilty pleasure shows. anyone else watch? I was so impressed on the season premiere that the couple actually cleaned up so much.

I have not watched The Passage season 1 finale yet. the reviews were not great. I am not sure I want it back for another season.


yeah, when I get a slow moment at work I like to check fb and instagram. today felt like a loooong day with them both down.


I’ve been trying to stick to a bowl of cereal for breakfast and a salad (with chicken and candied walnuts) for lunch. not sure I can do it for 5 days, but each day I do is a step in the right direction.


I am supposed to get my crown installed on my implant FINALLY tomorrow. Dentist’s office called today and said my crown has not arrived and FedEx can’t track it. Why the hell not? I really hope it arrives tomorrow (my appt isn’t until late). I am so sick of this hole in my mouth. I want a tooth now!


Yes I am a Hoarders watcher too! Another show you might like is on YouTube (free) called Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners or How Clean is Your House, both from the UK.