Green Grotto V: now 5x more pretentious!


I have been watching my carbs since New Years, not totally eliminating them, and I have lost 10 lbs.


When I was young, I was Obsessive about positioning of things in my room. My friends figured this out and would mess with me by slightly moving something when I wasn’t looking to see if I would notice. I always did and hurried to right the wrong! Fortunately I grew out of that. It was stressful and tiring. Today I am nearly stress free! Ya for me!


I gave up on it…and I don’t even have the book to compare it with.


I watch hoarders. Well, if I think it’s going to involve animals I try to skip those.

There’s nothing better to motivate a person to clean.

Me: I like this sweater
Me after watching hoarders: It all has to go!
Me after watching antiques roadshow: I’m keeping everything. This old yogurt cup might be worth “something” in twenty years.
Me after watching that “does it give you joy” lady: They are totally getting a divorce.


Congrats shortman!

I have a little ocd too, but I fight it every day. Mine is more “if I don’t sit this down exactly right something bad will happen”. It started when I was in college. It runs in my family.


You GO, GIRL! That’s awesome!


Yay! That’s great!


I used to watch How Clean is Your House!!! some of those houses, ewwwww




I always want to throw stuff away after wacthing Hoarders!! (I really should clear out more of my crap. not this week!!)


I knew someone who had the most beautiful home, it was new, and it was so trashed. She only cleaned when I was coming to visit. Her downstairs bath had carpet and the toilet was leaking, they couldn’t afford to get it fixed and mushrooms were growing in the carpet! She never ever cleaned her dryer vent, and we warned her about it. She didn’t listen, one day the dryer blew up, the house went up in flames, she had to jump out of a window to escape. Lost a cat. Haven’t heard from her since.


I found them


I will not let Oogie watch it. She’ll throw out MY stuff.


It’s interesting, as I’m into my 70s I’ve started throwing a lot of stuff out that, although it might mean something to me, I know my kids will toss it. And there are things I really don’t want my kids going through when the time comes. I’m also getting rid of things that come under the heading “Maybe I’ll use that some day.” And I’ve talked to other in my age group, card club and so on, and they’re doing the same thing.


I’m watching April the giraffe again. I watched her and Oliver two years ago and saw their calf Taj being born. She is expecting again, sometime in March. Here is the link in case anyone else wants to take a look.


late may is not summer mb!! lol

my life is pretty crap right now.

mr mick still on the mend

my dads dementia, is giving me fits. we have to sell his house and move him closer to my brothers. he wasn’t taking his meds right…had to fix it… he is mad at me right now. and he has to go in for a reexamination to the dmv. he drives good…but I know they are going to take his license away. he is going to lose the rest of his mind… if/when they do that.


I wish I was some where……. far far away…….




I do not watch hoarding anything… no way.

we watched it…so after you watch the finale… we will talk about it.


that’s a sad and terrible story. I have seen some too.