Green Grotto V: now 5x more pretentious!


Just had a tornado watch for half an hour. Went by fast and we didn’t even get the rain. Sent the garbage can (w/garbage) sailing down the driveway.


Today they started work on the cushion.
I don’t think I’m going to get another one. I know they like it, but there’s chewed up cardboard everywhere.











I gots me a tooth! FINALLY! I checked my records. I had a root canal and crown last Feb. 2 (2018). That didn’t help, so had the tooth pulled on 8/6/18, implant in November, Final Crown today. Sheesh.

I gotta say, I am pretty tickled with it. It feels tight, as there hasn’t been a tooth there since August. But I can chew on it already. It’s a little tender, probably will be for a while.

It’s so good to have a full set of teeth again. Bridezilla said I’m gonna be an old lady in a nursing home and lose ALL my teeth, except this ONE that I paid a lot of money for is going to be holding strong.


Oh, pepper, he is so creepy. He needs to GO and SOON. Why in the world does management not put a stop to this? It sounds like a huge distraction to people who are actually trying to get some work done.


It’s this danged daylight savings time.


Sending love and hugs…and here’s some goats, too.


yup. and a super busy week before.

done with work for the week!! we were hoping to leave for ME tomorrow after lunch but mr. mbspell has a meeting at 2. ugh. got some restaurant and bar recommendations from a foodie friend. looking forward to blowing by diet and bringing home a fresh growler of my favorite beer!


YAY ROAD TRIP! I am getting spring fever, feeling like taking a road trip. You are going to have a great weekend getaway!!!:blue_car:


Throwback Thursday! Pi Day!


I think he’s only been reported twice. Once last week and then today. Since it’s all been so petty most of us have been ignoring it and now it’s getting worse.

I won’t do this but all it would take to set him off is to see me cleaning something. If I used our groups window cleaner to wipe off the water cooler while talking about how dirty the office is he’d explode.

And it needs wiped off. He fills up the coffee pod holder but he won’t clean the coffee pot, microwave, cooler, or counter. He did clean the stinky fridge once but then expected everyone to compliment him on it for all eternity. Plus he only did that after sometime else started to do it. I heard today that another coworker cleaned the downstairs fridge last week. No one knows why he fills up the pods. I think he saw me do it once, but thats totally not his job. The coffee pots are disgusting. We stopped cleaning them ourselves hoping “management” would finally notice. He might start noticing now.

There’s an empty desk that has footprints on it from the hvac guy. It’s been that way for a month but Doofus won’t wipe it off. But he’ll wipe off the front desk 26 times a day so he can fulfill some weirdness.

I should ask the front desk for the keys to the toilet paper closet. Two stalls only have one roll. That would also make him explode. You can’t ask him to do something because he throws a fit and says he isn’t appreciated or he accuses you of accusing him off doing a bad job.

This is gonna be long, sorry.

So we have two events coming up that will make him lose his mind. Next week is March madness and the company is throwing a pizza party. No one will say anything if he eats, but he’s not going to like it when he’s not eligible for the door prizes. We don’t make those rules, it’s corporate and the party is for company employees.

Next they’re giving us jackets or backpacks for a 50th anniversary at the end of the month. He knows because there’s posters up for the pop up shop (so we can try them on). Same rules apply.

I want to feel bad for him, but it’s not me doing any of this.


We have a Green Birthday coming up! Let’s start the party early!


Will it ever get here? Who could it be?



I can hardly wait…Green Birthday Party coming up!