Green Grotto V: now 5x more pretentious!


If I were you, I’d stay far, far away from him. He’s not just creepy, he’s scary. I might go to higher-ups and mention the words “disgruntled employee.”


Thanks Poof.
My plan is to stay away. But it’s frustrating that he’s still there. I believe he will be worse though. He’s not right. I doubt whatever “management” said to him will be effective. Luckily he’s been staying downstairs and leaves around noon.

I think the same storm that went over you just passed over me. The wind is going away and we didn’t get any rain.


Yay! Cake day!


I think the same storm that went over you just passed over me. The wind is going away and we didn’t get any rain.
It went around and came back and we had torrential rain and wind. Over now and the sun’s shining. Now if the damned weathermen would get off the TV…


Lol well crap!

I’ll probably be asleep when it gets here. I can still see some blue sky but the wind picked back up a little.


It takes me weeks to get adjusted. Some places don’t even do it anymore, I wish we could just stop it altogether. We don’t need to do it anymore!


Boo, hiss^^^
Sorry, I love it.


And congrats on the tooth! Hopefully it heals up fast.


I keep telling myself I am not getting dementia as long as I still know all the words to American Pie.


The song, or that one time at band camp?


I can bet you that whoever his upper mgmt. is, they know he is not right. They may have hired him knowing he has a disability…EEOC. If hasn’t done anything to warrant a write up, like get physical, have a meltdown, or act sexually provocative…there isn’t a lot they can do. Being creepy is his personality unfortunately. It really sucks I know, but if truly does have a mental issue and they know about it, they can’t terminate him for it.
At our local Goodwill store, there is an employee who has been there for years. He throws fits all the time when he can’t have his way, but he doesn’t get fired as he has a mental illness.
Hopefully they talked with him to steer him in the right direction and he will cool his heels.


Choir honey, I was in the choir… :wink:


just checked the weather. 60 here tomorrow, but high 40’s in Portland. and chance of showers. sigh.

mid 40’s sat. guess we’ll need regular drink breaks to stay warm :woman_shrugging:


I hope she pops in for the party!



pssst!! @cklun you need to stop in tomorrow!!


@mick52 saw this on fb & thought of you


@pepper114 I don’t know what to add about Doofus. I hope he’s just a weirdo but mostly harmless. and I hope they replace him soon.


Well I agree with the disability thing. Unless he leaves on his a own the company that he works for is probably stuck with him. And maybe in a non-office environment he might be ok. They didn’t care for him when he worked in the shop either, but who knows.

I was told since he’s a contractor we can have him switched out with someone else. He’s not losing his job, he’d just be asked to work somewhere else.

He didn’t give me that scary vibe at first. It’s taken a while to build up. Plus I’ve seen him throwing more fits. But then he tries to play the sympathy thing. I dunno. The stuff is so stupid it’s hard to believe.

I’m just staying away from him.


Hope you tied down your trash can. The red got closer.
Mine is in my garage, but I didn’t tie my garage down. Crap!


You darn right! Put that on your resume!