Green Grotto V: now 5x more pretentious!


I just left Columbus to drive 3 hours north to michigan, got here just in time for tornadoes!


Tornado Warning in Stark County were work is. 20 miles south. All we got is rain, lightning, and thunder. Noodles insisted on going outside. Came back at the first thunder.


Maybe he needs to “go off” and reveal his true personality to management/security. Of course that could be worse than anyone expects.


We got into the 70s. Not going to stay that way.


I’m between Akron and Kent, we’re not supposed to get the high winds.



Yeah we don’t have security.

I told them to let me know if I need to unleash “plan b”.

Plan b:
Coworker A: moves every trash can.
Coworker B: refers to him as “the cleaning guy” and puts “big” before his name.
Coworker C: talks to the guy the same way he talks to everyone.
Coworker D: talks about how great the last cleaning person was.
Coworker E: salts the steps
Coworker F: empties the paper shredder.
Coworker G: closes doors

All seemingly normal activities.

Lightening is here.


Bought a seasoned brisket with pickling spices. Threw it in a crock pot this morning with half an onion. Didn’t have time to cut any carrots. Did that when I got home, and put them in a pot with juices and the onions, and boiled them. Opened a can of green beans. Had a packet of mix for potato pancakes (that we got from King Arthur Flour in VT in 2011).
Other than being a little salty, it was excellent.


Shit. Logged me out before all the pics uploaded.


I also know all the words to Rapture by Blondie…I’m putting that one down too!


OH MY GOD WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE! And we now return you to your regularly scheduled program.


All Greens in bad weather, please stay safe! Batten down the hatches! Bring in the cats! Get a flashlight! Save the snacks! Hide in the bathtub! Slug back a couple shots of whiskey!


Just got out of the hall. Had tornado warnings. It was pretty bad. Everything is okay.
We are alive too!
The weathermen are still on local channels, not interfering with any show I watch. So have at it, guys!


That looks so good! I must get a brisket.
I also really like your new couch, nice style and colors. Hope Noodles loves it!


I would like to stay on it year round. No one would have to readjust, twice a year.
I love it too!


this is me too… this time all year please!!!


soooo lets celerbrate buzzards day!!! WHOO HOOO

aka…CKLUNS birthday…:green_heart::green_heart:



wishing you a wonderful day @cklun !!!


:tada:Happy Bithday @cklun!:birthday: