Green Grotto V: now 5x more pretentious!


That rings a bell somewhere in the back of my head. I must have seen them on tv or something.


So moles, how you doing today? Did you get any sleep? I know you have much on your schedule for today.

You mentioned being numb yesterday. I know you have lost loved ones before, and this is not news to you, but that numb is your friend. It is protecting you from the pain right now so you can do what you have to do in the next few days. You will get through, you will. When that numb goes away it’s gonna hurt like hell and for a long time.

I am so sorry, moles. You have so many people thinking about you and sending you good thoughts right now. You will get through.:green_heart:


SO well said Chev.

And the tears help. A lot.

They will come out of nowhere in days and weeks and months ahead.

For me it is a comfort. Knowing someone meant that much to me.


Doing okay.
So many fb messages to read.
Every one hits me.
I have an out of sight, out of mind mechanism. It helps protect me from things like this. But…never this close to home.
Seeing all those posts…this is going to be one hell of a funeral/memorial.

Showered and ready to go out. Getting something to eat. Then over to mom and dad’s.


I think I was awake until 2 but went to bed at 4:30. Slept until 8ish.


You’re in our thoughts and prayers.


My password problem was just with my cellphone. I couldn’t get it to work, so I just reset it. I’m back… Except I hate typing on a cellphone… And no idea how to post pics here…


OK. I lived down here for a long time, in the 60-70’s. Great place to visit. :sunny::palm_tree::four_leaf_clover:


TY so much Dave!


if you do it from your cellphone it’s easy. click on the little picture icon and choose which photos from your phone. then you can always add the text from your computer after.


:rage: shit


do you have the woot app installed on your phone? or are you just getting onto it by the address…?


I do but you need to use a browser and go to the full woot site in order to get to the forums.


I was having problems initially but am now using the app. But anytime (okay, sometimes) I come back to it, it hasn’t held my place.


I have the Woot app on my phone and I can get to the forums on the app.


Back from hyperspace.
@moles1138 Just got the news. My condolences for you and your family.


Can’t believe I still have woot wine in my cellar. Adequate Gift, Poizin, just to name a few.

:musical_note: Well woke up this morning with a wine glass in my hand. Whose wine? What wine? Where the hell did I dine?:musical_note:


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


We are Green Strong.


They had one once called ‘Used Automobile Parts’ which I was dying to get, but the law says they can’t ship to Virginia. I ended up ordering it directly from the vineyard in California. Got several bottles to gift to my favorite mechanics and car guys.

And I can name that tune in three notes!