Green Grotto V: now 5x more pretentious!


Since dave’s not here to see the damn cat…


This weekend went too fast. They all go fast, but this one was nuts. I think the time change is still affecting me. I got up early, but wasn’t really awake until later in the day. Then it’s hard to sleep. The weird weather isn’t helping at all.


'Tis a great day to be Green, indeed.

GGM checking in to say “Spread the Green Love” today.

Sending my best wishes to all.


I say that every Sunday evening. I don’t want Monday. My sleep is still screwed up too.

But I must admit, all y’all who say you love Daylight Saving Time, the extra sunlight each day has helped me feel a bit better. Shaking off the winter blues, getting spring fever, feel like getting in the car and taking a road trip. Vacation about 6 weeks away!




Sunday evening is hard. I always start worrying about work, even though there’s nothing specific to worry about. I think it’s because I’m a spaz.

I’m ready for spring. I’m tired of the cold, the gray, and the wind.



I have not checked the app lately, didn’t know you could do that now! I have the page open in my browser and just use that out of habit.


wearing my green woot hoodie today to represent my 25% Irish roots. and the cake we had tonight for mr. mbspell had green shamrock sprinkles!

mr. mbspell is sick. he was extra tired and coughing a lot in Maine, and today he’s definitely got a cold. I am thinking I might be catching it, too, as I’m exhausted & headachy. going to take an airborne and get to bed early.

we dropped N off at the airport. he is in Minnesota for business this week. should be nice at quiet here at home (knock on wood).



for @cklun


same here. a couple mild days and I am ready for winter to be over.







here’s to another bat shit crazy monday greens!!!


Nooooo… I need a quiet Monday lol.