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I’m so sorry for your loss. There are no words when you lose a family member. Your family are in my thoughts.


me too, but not happening here. got a visit to orthopedics for some knee xrays then rush off to work. meh.


So far, so good. Well. We’re critically low on tp. Only half a roll in each stall.

Good luck with that knee. I hope they can figure out why it’s giving you grief and fix it.


Not sure if appropriate to share here…

GoFundMe for my brother’s kids

A friend has started a GoFundMe that Jenn has decided will go for Madison’s downpayment on a new car with a warranty (she seriously needs to get out of the p.o.s. she is driving now…Steve could only do so much to keep it going) and for Riley to go to school for Forestry. Part will also go to a photography scholarship at Stow-Munroe Falls high where Steve taught.

It is currently over $14K of the intended $10K

I knew my brother was loved, but this is so amazing.


Well, another jam packed weekend in the books.

The kids do Irish dance, my oldest for a few years and the twins just started last year, so St. Paddy’s day is always a busy time. Between Thursday evening and Sunday afternoon they did a total of 9 performances at 6 venues. Luckily, most were bars/restaurants so plenty to eat and drink but man are we all exhausted. I’m dragging hard today and I’m hoping it’s a less than exciting Monday.


some sort of patellofemoral pain thing. my kneecap is pulling to the side, very common in women. they recommend a brace (or the tape like I’ve been using) and 2-3 sessions of physical therapy so I can learn which muscles I should be strengthening. didn’t recommend surgery, which is great because it never crossed my mind.


Bring your own roll and carry it to the ladies’ room.
And smile.
Never make eye contact, ignore him.
He has specialities.
We had a custodian that was a paranoid schizophrenic. I do not understand why they kept him so long.
Bad thing, I taught him. We team taught and he was in coworker’s room. Quiet, sweet little boy. Mother was abusive, super mean, worked in cafeteria, never smiled.
He was suicidal at one time. I stopped by him, he was looking so sad. He said, don’t worry it will all be over tomorrow. I sat down with him and talked and talked. Talked about my brother and how horrible it was. I told every teacher I saw. We got him talked down. I went and told the principle, he took him home.
He was alright for a while, playing golf in the hall, or throwing a fishing line, imaginary. But he said very inappropriate things to two of the straightest teachers in school. They did not tell the principal. I did. I felt he was becoming a danger. He now resides in a home for people with mental challenges. I taught many members of his family and had two cousins for assistants.
I always had great relationships with all the custodians. I hope one day you get a good one.
I really hate you are plagued so much at work. But he is achieving his goal. Don’t let him. Enjoy your work. I know it is hard but


Thanks Cal. What you did was smart. I miss the people we used to have they were nice and normal.

I haven’t done anything about the tp situation because it’s sure to make him go crazy. Asking him would flip him out, leaving a note will flip him out, doing it myself will flip him out. I’m just starting away from him.


MOST appropriate! WHAT a tribute! almost up to 16,000.


Moles I think this is just great! People often do not realize what occurs when children lose a parent. Its much more than that. Glad the fund is doing so good!


Beyond 16k


@daveinwarshington, I was born and raised in America’s Finest City. I moved to Texas about three years ago. Say hi to my neighborhood of Pacific Beach and to La Jolla High School where i was a third generation family member to graduate from there! (Grandma in '45, Mom in '76 and me in '09). I miss it so much but i’ll be there in July for vacay! Go Padres!


half way to 17,000. that has to be an amazing feeling to see how people loved Steve. And the comments on all over the pages or his friends and school!


And all the posts on his fb page. It is difficult to keep up. I’m going to be spending hours downloading pix.


His page is not public…can’t see any of those.




Scholarship fund set up in late Stow-Munroe Falls High School teacher’s namestrong text

Trained crisis counselors will be available for Stow-Munroe Falls students and staff for the next few weeks after the unexpected death of High School teacher Steve Pierce on Saturday morning.

School officials said counselors will be available as needed. If parents feel their students need additional assistance, they can contact the School Safety Tipline at 330-790-1383 or can use the Bulldog Help Line on the top left portion of the high school home page,

Jeffrey Hartmann, high school principal, said Pierce taught for about 23 years with the district, with the last 12 or 13 years at the high school.

“He worked at almost every level in the district,” Hartmann said. He added that Pierce taught photography and digital photography.

“He was the kind of teacher every kid deserved to have,” Hartmann said. “He was kind, gentle, accepting. Our school is recovering from a void that has been created. We are understandably heartbroken, but it’s wonderful to see our kids, our staff and our community rally in support.”

A GoFundMe account has been set up to help support his family. According to information on the GoFundMe page, In Loving Memory of Steve Pierce, $15,909 has been raised, already topping the $10,000 goal after one day.

Many of those who donated left messages on the site:

“You have impacted thousands of students, peers and leaders with a lifetime of discernment and inspiration.”

“Steve was an inspiration to all of us. A life well lived. Rest In Peace Steve.”

“What an incredible teacher and man Mr. Pierce was.”

Hartmann said that T-shirts will be available for purchase, with proceeds from the T-shirt sales going to a scholarship for photography students that has been set up in Pierce’s name.

Reporter April Helms can be reached at 330-541-9423,, or @AprilKHelms_RPC


Services for Steven Pierce:

A Memorial Service will be held at Stow Munroe Falls High School at 6:00 p.m. Friday, March 22, 2019. Family and friends are invited for visitation from 5:00 to service time. Fellowship for all in the Stow High Commons after Memorial Service.

In lieu of flowers, please donate to the GoFundMe in Steve’s honor, a portion of which will be used for a college scholarship for Stow High Art and Photo students.

Please reshare post for those interested in attending. All are welcome.


@cklun you’re getting ahead of me (thanks).


Sorry. Nothing I could do about that.