Green Grotto V: now 5x more pretentious!


oh no…wasn’t complaining. Just explaining why I did not mention all of the posts on HIS page.


I am so proud of his life and his dedication, love for his family, his service to young people and many more. A true dedicated teacher is a jewel. The impact he made will touch many forever.
He is a person I wish I had seen in action.


Yes, Cal, you are exactly right. I never met Steve, and yet I feel he has touched my life somehow. moles and his family have been on my mind all day. I believe in the power of healing thoughts and I hope he can feel the love that is being focused on him from the Grotto.


Moles, I have shed a few tears over this as well, you have to know there are a lot of green vibes and love around you and Oogie. All I ever saw were pictures of Steve but I felt as I knew him through you.


Green Team Rocks!


I have been scrolling thru the GoFundMe comments…

I have no words…


I have been thinking a LOT about Steve’s friend who was with him that morning…I hope he is doing ok…


Sending Green Love to all.


Yes, me too. My friend who was killed 2 weeks ago (by a car falling off a jack) was with his best friend when it happened. He was not doing well last I heard.


Me too.

I’m glad the school brought in a counselor. This is so incredibly sad.

But that’s ok. It’s ok to be sad when the world loses someone so good. I wish I could make it better.


That was awful. I’ve heard of that happening to other people.

My grandpa drilled into us to never rely on a jack and never leave the house if the dryer is on.


In other news, we’re almost done with the Monday. Hopefully the second Monday goes fast too.

Doofy was quiet today. That was sooo good.
I found out one of the downstairs toilets is broke. He locked the stall door, but put the note telling everyone it’s broken inside the stall above the toilet. Then didn’t tell anyone for two days. Yeah. That didn’t endear him to anyone.

He did report a leaking pipe to the wrong person. That person told the right person. Doof sat there twiddling his thumbs while they tried to find the leak. After a while he finally showed them. He also knows who he’s supposed to tell when something like that happens but he’s avoiding her because of the glove incident.


Crap. I can never remember how to find my messages. Help please.


click on your poof icon in the top right corner. Then click on the envelope.


Me too


I did send a friend request. Haven’t heard from him yet.


oh no. Did he know Steve a long time?


Thank you. I just wrote it down.


He may not be on fb as much as me.
He is part of the running group so they have known each other for a few years at least.


Oh…ok. I am sure he is getting the support he needs.