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My baby kitties are one today! They share a birthday with @ThunderThighs!


Happy Birthday TT!


so much truth in these words dfman.


TT is on vacation, not sure she’ll see the party, but happy bd from me, too!




Article from the Akron Beacon Journal today


Wow wow wow



“According to a Facebook post, a memorial for Pierce also is planned from 8 to 9:15 a.m. Wednesday in the high school’s lower gym for current students and staff only. A moment of silence will take place at 8:45 a.m.

People are asked to bring their favorite pieces of art to be displayed. There also will be a slide show of nonprinted photos that will run throughout the memorial service. Submissions are being accepted at

Many people in the school district and community have changed their Facebook profile picture this week to a Bulldog surrounded by a black ribbon in recognition of Pierce’s passing.”


The world has lost a bright light. He will be remembered by all who knew him.

Those words sound so inadequate. I am so sad that an amazing person has been taken from those who loved him. He made a difference in the world. So sad.


Happy Birthday TT! Happy Birthday Calabama Cats!


Moles, you know it’s time for me to shake my finger at you and say “eat something”! You cannot let yourself get run down now, you will get sick before you know it.

Drink water
Eat something


I wonder how many Wooters never check their messages?

If you have a message, your top-right-corner icon will have a round dark GREEN number beside it.


And I have been…just not the massive quantities and seconds that I usually do.

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I gained it back…


$21,259 as of 10pm EDT




80 degrees today here at home.
Still a little snow… Not for long.
Long days of driving.
I’ll go to bed early.
We’re Home!


No place like home.


1200+ miles in two days… 4 mountain passes… Whew…