Green Grotto V: now 5x more pretentious!


This is amazing. I am so glad this fundraiser went well for the family.


so yeah… wednesday. hope everyone has calmer one.
than the bat shit crazy mon & tues…lol


and ohh yeah, winter is over!!! hopefully…


Today there will be free lunch & a state wide tornado drill.

Odds of me falling out of a chair when it goes off : 86%

But the lunch will make up for it. Probably. Unless I’m eating when it goes off and I drop my pizza/beverage.

Odds of that happening without a tornado drill are 30%.

Happy Wooster / Whiskers Wednesday.

Only two more days of this crap until we can sleep in.


Welcome back!


And there’s the air raid siren.

I’m totally going trick or treating now.


sounds like quite an adventure! I hope you take some photos!





That helps. THANKS.


OH…I KNOW you Dave!!!


blizzards are crummy but I have to say, they are better than tornadoes and hurricanes. and earthquakes. we do get all of them, but not very often.

sounds like an exciting day! lol


also, been exhausted all week. I slept in then read internet stuff on my phone. finally showered and dressed and made it downstairs in time for lunch. today is my only day off this week, so I’m making the most… er, least? out of it.


80??? nice. still in the 40’s here.


good luck with that

My day/week ahead…aka health issue and mom updates! Getting it all in on one comment.

I am waiting for mom to get home from her eye Dr appointment. There will be a 30 minute phone call discussing that.

Becky and I are going to talk her into the newer Jitterbug phone! Can not deal with the daily phone calls about “how can I do this?” on a Samsung phone I do not have.

I have gotten to know Chad from Verizon “chat online” pretty well!!

Bill’s MRI shows same issue he had 20 years ago…pinched disc. Just a different one.
He goes Friday for next cortisone injection. Then one after that and some PT and traction and he will be good to go.

I still have unpacking to do! My ribs are feeling much better…just trying now to do too much and using my walker in the house for my safety until Bill is better…one of us must remain mobile!


oh yeah…the shower I took yesterday WAS my day.

This has been a really unexpectedly emotionally draining week for us all … and comments and GoFundMe keep growing! I know many of you also read every comment.


Going to see my brother for the last tolime before the cremation.
Need hugs.


sending hugs. going to be a tough day.


LOTS OF HUGS for Concord Twp.


Don’t forget that it’s okay to show your emotions. It’s not weakness, it’s grieving. It’s not always best to bottle them up. Be strong if you have to for others but give yourself some time to grieve.