Green Grotto V: now 5x more pretentious!


Sometimes you need a day like that.



Here’s one. ( ) Hang in there.




Hugs always help!



Hey @moles1138. Heard about your loss. So sorry, love. Just know that there’s a random semi-stranger in Florida thinking about you and your brother and your family and sending virtual hugs and healing thoughts.


Thanks for posting this Ck!


Puppy dog hugs from Warshington…


The record:
Beatles, Rubber Soul

And… A beer I brought a 6-pack from Calif.
Pliny the Elder! I’ve wanted to try this beer for years!

beer beer beer


78 degrees here at 3:30pm. Wow. Weird. Only snow left is where I piled it up with my backhoe in the driveway.
Popped on a new album:
The Doors, “13”. An album I picked up in 1972 or so & is pretty rare now for some reason.

The first 3 songs on side one:


so… how was it?


Jiggity Jig!


dad took us out to dinner. I got a side salad to cancel out the slice of bread and oil. also took a beach walk this afternoon and a short (because of ice/snow in shady spots of the trail) park walk this afternoon. so nice to feel the warmth of the sun, even if the wind is cool.

thought a lot about @moles1138 and family on my walks.:blue_heart::blue_heart:


Speaking of blizzards, I hear y’all are looking at a Nor’Easter this weekend.

I’m sorry. Happy Spring.






wind, rain and possibly a snow shower but temps in mid 40’s. no blizzard conditions here. temps on sunday in the mid 50’s.


Well, no, not a blizzard, but a Nor’Easter. Maybe it won’t be too yucky.


I think we’re supposed to get that mythical nor’easter. But it’s rain.


yeah, just rain and wind. no biggie. except sat is pokemon community day AND IT BETTER NOT INTERFERE WITH THAT!!!