Green Grotto V: now 5x more pretentious!


In super important news, does everyone have their brackets filled out?


Right you are, mtn. I might add “be gentle with yourself right now”. Grief is a personal roller coaster of a journey, different for everyone. It’s probably gonna do weird things to you. Try to roll with it.

I want to get in on those hugs. Know that so many of us are thinking of you. (P.S. your brother was 36 days older than me)


Odd weather here, with our snow just melting with the 80 degrees yesterday & probably 80 today. Very dry with 25% humidity. The A/C kicked on!
Supposed to moderate to the high 60’s for a while though.


basketball is my least favorite sport. my mum loves it and is big into march madness. I probably should fill out brackets for fun but I have very low motivation this week. month? year?


We are trying to find a suitable enough day to drain and clean our hot tub. Not too cold, not too windy, not too much pollen. That’s a very small window of opportunity. Saturday was my pick, but now they say windy. Maybe Sunday.


Yes. Several of them for several different pools. On one I’m trying to auto fill-in. Should be interesting. Trying to get husband in Woot’s but have asked for help on the bracket page.


Yes, but I really don’t follow BB at all.
I know 2 local teams are in it.
Go Zags! Go Huskies!


I am SO bad at it, but yep, I’m in. Actually, I did come in third one year, which was a bloomin’ miracle.


Did you try clearing your cookies and your history, then going back in? Maybe it’s remembering you and you need it to forget you.


I’ve come in very close to the top occasionally. I don’t even know what the positions are in BB, I just wait till after the brackets are posted and see what the experts are saying, then fill some in. I have fun watching the results. And sometimes I beat my husband.


this was in my facebook memories from last year lol


I can’t wait for a nice Pogo day. Our mall only has two poke stops so that’s not going to work for an inside option.

I only like donkey basketball. I pick my bracket mostly by which mascot I like better. If they are both the same I pick by color. Always pick the 9s over the 8s and the 16s over the 5s.


Chevy & Jetta were VERY glad to see us come home yesterday.
Jetta keeps very close to me today… lol

Quite the drive. Much of it I could go 75+mph, except in cities and Oregon.
My ears must have ‘popped’ 75 times going over all the mountain ranges…


yeah, indoor places are tricky. I prefer outdoor, so I’m hoping no rain on saturday.


Not a problem there.
My parents, me and Oogie, Riley, the pastor and his wife went in first.
Jenn went in on her own.
We were warned he might not look right because no embalming, but he looked okay to me.
After that he went to the crematory.


If you can stomach a Guiness (or just a dark stout) on Friday…that was Steve’s choice.

Well…he somehow got on a Schlitz kick with the running group.


I’ll gladly tip a Guinness to Steve on Fri.

The running trails may be a little more empty with him gone, but he touched the lives of so many others.
I know he’ll still be running in the hearts of many others.


I will have one this weekend in his honor as well


Schlitz, wow…my dad used to drink that.

I know today was really hard for you, moles, but you got through it.

Steady on.