Green Grotto V: now 5x more pretentious!


Awe not even 24 hours into spring and Ohio’s state flowers are out in bud.


Ours bloom year round in PA.


Hugs for you, too, babe.


It POURED rain ALL DAY. They did not forecast this. Most places had some mixed rain with slushy snow, and some mountain areas got several inches of snow. Rt. 33 (near me) made the national news for being shut down with snow.

Mud, mud, mud. Never gonna be able to get out in the yard. Kill the groundhog.


Yeah, it’s more a matter of finding your “new normal”. It takes time, and follows no clock or calendar.


Nice! Where can we get one?


“Let your freak flag fly.”


My Throwback Thursday contribution:


Popped a Tull album on the turntable…


NOW you are talking!!!


Great album to just ROCK OUT…


Heard that one on the radio this evening!




On Facebook…oogie’s post.



Young’s Screenprinting

Like This Page · March 19 ·

PIERCE STRONG tees are now available at both locations.
Proceeds from the sale of these shirts will go to the Steve Pierce Scholarship Fund. Our Stow store will have extended hours.
Tonight we will be open until 6pm and we will reopen tomorrow at 10am.


No guarantee that anyone us actually coming


I have absolutely no idea if they’ll ship them.
I think you’ll need to call.

edit: see @cklun’s post above


She did not add Thursday to that because sales are slower.
But she had a lot if new customers today. One will return tomorrow. A couple of different friends stopped by and donated a total of $150.

Note how many have been reached and how many shares…


But not today. Hid out watching TV/movies/DVR. Ate well.


not quite yet, but soon moles.
things won’t be so overwhelming.
and you will have some time to yourself.
to think and mourn in your own way.