Green Grotto V: now 5x more pretentious!






It’s not even 2 and I’m already checked out. I’ve been checked out since lunch. I wonder if anyone will notice if I take a nap under my desk…


This photo was floating around my office this week. We all want one, but the boss says “no”.


Sunny, 69 today windy 73 tomorrow, the groundhog was right, somewhere.
I am so sorry about the blasted snow.
So much more sun in my yard with the trees down, I think 8 or nine down. So nice.
Allie is sick, kennel cough. Do not know where it came from. Called doc last week, said it’s prolly pollen. Took her to him yesterday, he felt bad. 3 meds, Have to keep her away from the others, even though it might be too late, no signs yet. She is sleeping a lot. Spring break next week.


Lol, reminds me of the time my mom could not find me while shopping. Started looking, I was asleep in a shelf, under clothes.


Aw, poor little Allie! A co-worker’s little pup had that about a month ago. It was hard for him to shake.

Sending hugs to her too!


Thank you. I just feel so bad and baby her. Never had this in the 15 or more dogs I have had. Real sad to see her okay to stay in. She still runs a lot when we go out. Just comes in too easy, without a treat. This is treatable and usually not serious. Most clear by themselves.




You haven’t found the nap closet yet?


Mick & Moles,
I’m cheering you both on. Life is rough and sometimes it’s flat out crap. But I’ve got absolute faith you’ll both make it through.


I have the master key to my office. No great place for a nap closet, unfortunately. We do have some procedure rooms with big beds in but I can’t lock the doors and my staff would find me instantly.


Any dark stout would do


Got my “speech” written…on 5 large sticky notes. Need to make a word document printed in a big font sonic can read it thru tears…or pastor Jim if I can’t finish.


Good luck, Moles. Thinking of all of you.




good thinking…
you will be so amazed at the strength you have when you look around at all the people who are there. you will make it. it might be thru tears, but you will.