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Potential to see Northern Lights this weekend across Great Lakes region

POSTED 4:23 PM, MARCH 22, 2019, BY NATASHA ANDERSONNORTHEAST OHIO — Have you ever wanted to see the Northern Lights? You may get a chance to see them right here in northeast Ohio Friday or Saturday night.

According to the U.S. National Weather Service of Cleveland, the Space Weather Prediction Center has issued a G2 Moderate Geomagnetic Storm Watch.

This means that the Northern Lights may extend down to the Great Lakes region late Friday and Saturday nights.

FOX 8 Meteorologist André Bernier says that although there is potential to see the lights here in northeast Ohio, the sun has to send the right output our way. André says that based on our current forecast, the skies should be clearer Saturday night which is looking like our best chance to see them. However, he reiterates that seeing the lights is just a possibility.



I want this one at my funeral but I doubt my kids would play it lol


been thinking of moles and family all day. sending love and prayers.


…and I’m still crying…




I think I did see Northern lights here in Ohio once. It was summer and we were way out in the country on a big hill that had been strip mined. There were no lights for miles and miles. Basically the sky glowed a little and it would get a greenish then a reddish tint.


what a beautiful display this would be for Steve…


“As The World Falls Down” A Tribute to David Bowie Performed by Grace Potter"

I watched this over and over when Grace posted it on her FB page after David Bowie died.

I feel such sadness and such joy at the same time in her version of his song.


I never made it to the store to get some Guiness…so Steve…here is a toast to you with a Great lakes brewing co. selection which is always available at the cklun house…I will choose the darkest one I can find.



yesterday’s update on GoFundMe …

"Take all opinions and views in life that separate us, and throw them away. Humans have an amazing ability to come together. This GoFundMe account and many other acts of kindness taking place on Steve and his family’s behalf is nothing short of AMAZING!

Thank you to every single one of you for wanting to help! When you read this update, I hope you think of a happy Steve memory, and smile for a moment."


…hoping Scott and Oogie are on their way home soon…what a long week this has been.


I love that song, I mooned over the former Cat Stevens.


Oh me too!!! still do.


Same here


I hope they are going to sleep well tonight. They are going to be exhausted…but in a GOOD way. I can not even imagine all of the people there, sharing stories, lots of laughs and tears…


I went to see Jethro Tull at the U of A, absolutely crazy for them. The White Rabbit.
My dad asked me where I was going, “to see Jethro Tull!”
He said, Oh I know ole Jethro, he used to come over and eat chicken sh_ _ I know ole Jethro!”
He said it so seriously, had me going, till the punch line. Depends on where the comma should be. His dry wit is a good memory.


Great story!!! I saw them at Blossom Music Center,outdoor

Did you know that Ian Anderson’s daughter is married to “Rick” from The Walking Dead?"

Norman Reedus has his “Ride” show on AMC…meets up w friends and travels on motorcycle to lots of interesting places. Good show!


I am fading fast…got Bill to the hospital and back to get a second nerve block in his back…car issues as usual! Too tired to type it all…will tomorrow…but we made it and made it home and so far he is doing so much better than the one he had a week ago. He fell asleep an hour ago and i am can not keep my eyes open any longer.

Good night all and Scott if you are here tonight, sorry I am not awake! Hoping you will sleep well tonight.