Green Grotto V: now 5x more pretentious!


Gnite LL!


Got out at about 9:30.
Oogie had to go to work…she pretty much sold out and needs to restock. So far we’ve got proceeds and donations equaling $720.
Oogie is done and here at mom and dad’s. We’ll be going soon…gotta get to bed.


The auditorium holds 1000. Only a few empty seats. And some left before that.


You know…they played this on ER. It was the favorite song of the son of Dr. Anspagh. He was dying of cancer. When he died, everyone was standing around singing it. And I was wondering why…the song title is Good Riddance and the parenthetic title is (Time of Your Life). :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



the possums are being good.

those damn raccoons however…


I never saw this one before!! I much like it. :slight_smile:


did you get to say what you wanted to say?


great pics!!!:yum:


that is a great song!!!

I have never thought about songs for ya know, my not being here anymore party.

I feel like this though… when my loved ones are taken away from me.


saturday is here greens.


This one came to me as I was trying to sleep last night.

“May my love travel with you everywhere, may my love travel with you always.”


Wishing my friends a Peaceful Saturday.


Somewhere Over The Rainbow was played at Oogie’s cousin’s funeral. She has a hard time with this version sometimes.


I included that in my suggestions. But Jenn said he always sang The Lumberjack Song


I did with my buddy Neal on top of a PA mountain where his family has a lot of property. At the time there was only a one room cabin. No lights. It was great.


I got thru it fine and there was no way I was going to pass it to Jim to finish reading. But looked at Jenn and almost didn’t. She and Riley already spoke. I think it finally hit her it was real.
And Riley…very impressive 16 year old. He’s on the debate team, so he speaks well. We hear too much about Millenials and then you see someone like him and there is hope.



How do you pare down 53 years of memories? You can’t. I have a few , quite a few.

I’ll miss my concert buddy. We were just in Cleveland a few weeks ago in the freezing rain.

We would travel to DC to see shows that didn’t make it here. And he’d complain about my snoring that night…but not the time we drove all night immediately following the show because he had to be back at the school the next day.

I’ll miss my helper on “Pierce Projects”…you know…the ones we’d start on and make 3 trips to Home Depot and then never quite finish.

I’ll miss him sitting at the gaming table. All those late night D&D sessions. Or Rail Baron. Or Carcassonne. Or Settlers of Catan.

The memory of the Mad Hatter’s Tea Cup ride at Disney World when I got it spinning so fast he couldn’t get up when he slipped down in the seat.

The many road trip vacations we’d take. Dad made a bench and covered the back seat with cushions so we could lay down and play games.

Or the trips to Carlisle to see the Panhards and Minis.

His sailor hat blowing across the Astrodome parking lot never to be seen again.

Nope. I did not intentionally throw that horseshoe at him…he walked into it’s path. I get the last word this time.

But one of our fondest memories, that we talked about occasionally, was when he was laid up in bed, with a cast on his leg, and we batted a balloon around and watched Young Frankenstein. It was fun, Just the 2 of us.

I’ll have to hold on to those memories…We won’t be able to make more.

But hopefully I can make a few with Maddie, and Riley, And Jenn.

Miss you Steve


You know what? I never heard music last night. I know Jenn had a playlist. Hmmmm


I don’t think I could ever speak at a funeral/memorial. I just don’t think I could do it.


beautiful :blue_heart: