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moles, those are precious, precious memories. May they never leave you.

I’ve been waiting to ask…you said Steve’s arm had been hurting and that he had seen a doctor a few days before he died. Do you know what went on at that doctor appointment? Were there plans for future testing or treatment?


Me either. I’m too much of a crier.


So beautiful, moles. You will keep all those memories and certain days, you will remember more. Something will remind you of him and you will know he lives in your heart and soul.
Keeping all of you in my thoughts.


Goofy meds starting to wear off…

THAT is great Oogie~ What a wonderful thing to do.



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I knew you could do it. Did not doubt it for a minute. There might have been tears and quiet pauses,…
Nice words about Riley, And you are so right…" then you see someone like him and there is hope."


yes you both could…

you might be an ugly mess trying to get thru it, but people want to feel closer to the person who has left everyone else behind.

I am sad when I am at a funeral or memorial and there are no speakers. I always ask now ahead of time if someone is saying anything and if not , I offer to.

If you ever need a speaker let me know MBS and Chev!


He just hadn’t been feeling well. Which isn’t unusual for ultrarunners. The arm didn’t hurt until the last run. The only thing I know that the doctor said was that he could keep running…or that is what he ended up telling Jenn. I know of no future plans.


You’re right, I could if I had to. I also like to hear speakers and personal stories at funerals. My friend Jackie who died of breast cancer in 2016 had a funeral service where they asked attendees to speak if they wished. There were SO many wonderful comments made.

You know, it sounds selfish, but all this has made me wonder who would get up and speak at my funeral, and would there be a lot of people there. It makes me want to be a better person today, so I have friends in the end.


The love that flows between us and those we have lost is an energy which can never be destroyed. It may change shape and form, but it never goes away.


My brother Gary was having a yearly physical when he was in his 50s. My dad died unexpectedly of congestive heart failure at 65, so Gary has made his health a priority.

Dr. cleared him after a lot of tests and she told him he needed to schedule a stress test…he had not had one in a few years.

So he drove next door to the hospital to schedule one.

He had a heart attack while he was making the appointment.

Talk about being in the right place at the right time.

Just did not make sense. He just had some tests at the Dr office and all was fine. He has had a couple scares since them, but he is doing great and will be 67 in June.

Some things just can not be explained.


I actually have a book that I write this kind of stuff in…who would speak, what songs, where…it gets updated every now and then!

My niece Colleen should be my daughter…same sense of humor, same love of movies, we just “get” each other!

I asked her if she would take my ashes (I did specifically say AFTER I am deceased) and do something she knows I would have loved…and I do not want to know! She said she was “honored” to be asked. LOL!


@hot72chev…first I have to confess I was looking up “sexychev” for your name…goofy pills are hanging on!

Your words “. It makes me want to be a better person today, so I have friends in the end.”

You are the best person you will ever be by being yourself.

You have so many friends here, and so many in “real life”


But would 1,000 people show up at my funeral? I doubt it. I’m very much an introvert, I don’t socialize much. You know when they put “he never met a stranger” in obituaries? If anyone puts that in mine, I will come back and haunt them, because I’ve met lots of strangers, and I don’t like people much of the time. But when I DO like you, I REALLY like you and I’ll do anything for you.


This was great Moles…there I go crying again…


Is it weird that I don’t want a service? Neither does Randy. We don’t want our kids to put out the money (although we both have fairly good life insurance). We already have plots paid for but we are going to be cremated, so we are going to be sprinkled somewhere. We don’t have a lot of friends so we feel its a waste of money.


no, I really don’t think I could.

I do always like when people have stories to tell at memorials, but I just don’t think it will be me. but I have your number if I need you, Carol LOL


I think school teachers and coaches always have a big turn out because they touch so many lives. I’m sure my own services will be much, much smaller.

I want to be cremated and then have my ashes interred.


I want to be cremated and then have my ashes interred.

A local cemetery has a “cremation garden,” mainly rose bushes, where your ashes can be scattered. Has a large cement “book” where a bronze plaque is put with your name, dates, and short quote. We have that bought and paid for. I hesitated because there’s a pond nearby, home to many Canada geese, and I kind of didn’t like the idea of my ashes mixing with goose poop, but then thought, what the heck.

I feel guilty that I don’t do anything with my parents’ grave sites as far as flowers or whatever and I don’t want my kids to feel like that. However, I do want visitation, just for closure.


I don’t want my ashes scattered, but buried.

my mum wants us to sneak her ashes to Disney World and scatter them there in one of the lakes. LOL I told her I’m not getting banned from Disney for that!