Green Grotto V: now 5x more pretentious!




Yes! It’s been quite a week. We’ve had some good talks, haven’t we?


Yes we have, and yes I am emotionally drained. I don’t know that there are any tears left in my body!


And I do not want to take up anymore space. So make me ashes.


Mom’s parents have vertical headstones. The cemetery is well maintained. They were some of the last buried there before it was full. I have visited twice since 1992. The new cemetery a family friend was among the first buried there. Dad’s parent are in a cemetery where all head stones are flat and they mow over. We’ve been just to clear stray grass and mud/dirt but it is nice. Oogie’s grandparents are a half hour away. We’ve been there. Many of those headstones are grown over. We take clippers and clear the grass. It is obvious it is an older section. Oogie’s mom no longer has flowers left in the atrached/reversible vase.


Did I mention that my cousin came in from Germany? She flies back tomorrow.


That was so great!


The High School newspaper…


The song lyrics are from this song that Jenn had shared…


I read what you said, you done really good moles.

riley is genZ. I am placing much hope for just plain common sense in genZ.


they do. hundreds of people everyday.

I don’t much care what they do with my body after I ain’t in it no more. I am hoping after that happens I will be somewhere else.

i don’t know what it looks like or how it will be of course, but I do want something after this existence.


I want to be cremated, then out to the Veterans National Cemetery. My ashes go into an above ground columbarium wall. My Dad was buried in a grave out there in May of 2018. I may have mentioned this before. but a spouse can be buried on top of their husband/wife. When my Mom passes, she will be buried on top of my Dad. They dig the first gave extra deep. The headstone is designed to have a couples names on it. I think it’s kind of weird, but effective. Nice they can be in the same location.
My former brother-in-law bought side-by-side gravesites for my sister and him in a small, pretty country graveyard. She got sick and died when she was only 50. Four years later my brother died. My former brother-in-law gave his gravesite to us, so my brother could be buried next to his sister.


my moms are in a marble container on my brothers buffet… ( they live in my moms old house) I bought a plot to bury the ashes 5 years ago. they don’t want to. gives them comfort having the ashes there, not going to bring comfort to anyone in the cemetery. so…okay by me!!


It is so sad… that she can’t accept and move on.

I have seen more times than I like, folks who spend more time thinking about the child they lost…than the ones they still have. it is really sad.


soooo…it is a new green day!!!


North Calif coast on hwy 101…


Hugging trees. Redwoods larger around than the road snaking through them…


Hearst Castle.
An amazing place still in perfect condition & original contents.
Doors, ceilings, art, books, other stuff brought in from Europe circa 1500-1800.
Much cooler than I expected.

No idea who that person is that sneaked into the pic…


Good morning! Lol! Was up very late. Just having meds and coffee.

Will be back when I can focus. Lots to read. Can’t wait to read the HS newspaper! Those are big trees Dave. Shit.


Love the pictures Dave, thanks for sharing. It looks like a nice trip.