Green Grotto V: now 5x more pretentious!


Love your pics, dave! WOW, I’d sure love to see the West Coast some day. So beautiful!

Welcome to Sunday, my head is going to explode. I really have a head cold now. At least I hope it’s a cold, because that means it’ll be gone in a week or so. It might be allergies, and that means a long haul ahead.

Not cleaning the hot tub. Not doing much of anything.


Agreed, they are beautiful!


Great pix Dave.

Maybe one of these days we’ll get back to the West coast.

Keep thinking of Vancouver too. My best man is living there now.


Need to do bills that have been neglected for too long now. I hate doing those.


Glad you and Mrs. D are back safely and had a great trip.
Love the pictures. About photo bomber, Well she looks like she is ready for her close-up.

When we would go through the mountains, I looked down once, big mistake. From then on I never looked. We went camping a lot.


My Allie is really sick. I cannot understand how a dog that is around no other dogs than ours can get Kennel cough.
She has been sleeping with me. Good bed dog. She woke up coughing at five, let her out. Went back to bed, had to get up, coat my finger with honey and stick it in her mouth. Stayed awake.

Not eating her dog food, we are feeding her people food. Gonna cook her some chicken and carrots. She will eat her treat, though.
She does not want me out of her sight, she is supposed to rest.

Limiting my movement but ya do what ya have to.
If she is not acting a little better, he said two weeks, it will be sooner. Like this week.


Oh, no, poor Allie. I think you’re right, take her sooner rather than later.

Keep us up to date!


Thank you. He gave her enough antibiotics for 3 weeks. It can be hard to get rid of. When I let her out she comes right back in, instead of taking about three laps around the house. She is under my feet, so soft, I keep rubbing her.
It is sunny and son will have to babysit.


She wants to be near her Mama because she knows who takes care of her. Hope she gets well soon Cal. Kennel cough can be a struggle. She could have gotten it because she is so young and had not built up antibodies against it yet?


Yes, son gets mad because she favors me. This is her second spring, so maybe. Strange relationship here, I am the mama, son is the daddy, lol!
He is more gruff, she is sensitive. Get nothing out of Allie with a stern voice, she will get in her kennel.
She obeys well. Sweet dog.


Chevy got very, very sick from kennel cough when he was just a year or two old.
Mrs. d got a damn cat from the humane society, and that damn cat turned out to be a diseased infested contagious sickly damn cat.
The stupid vet we had said not to worry. “Dogs can not catch kennel cough from a damn cat”.
We changed vets and got meds for poor little pitiful sick Chevy.
He was so sick for so long while the damn cat cured up right away.
He always had a bit of a cough after that, but did get over it.

I hope Allie heals up quickly! I think the delay from a bad, bad stupid vet is what was worse for Chevy… And the damn stupid cat. lol


Sunday afternoon…


Thank you Dave. Like I said I do not know where she got it, my animals are not around others, cats nor dogs. Doc thought allergies, no I went ahead and took her.
She is very social and misses the other pups. I am sure as she feels better she will be less happy with this.



I think that kernel cough stuff can be seasonal or brought on by stress. Roscoe had a weepy eye for about ten days last month. His started about the same time my allergies kicked in. Now one of them is working on a hairball.

I hope she feels better soon. Maybe feed her some ice cube to get extra fluids in her.

Random question. Has anyone bought anything big from Amazon? I think I want to buy a couch.


The largest thing we’ve bought is a rocker chair and some smaller tables.
We do buy a lot of stuff from Amazon.


My mom disapproves of my current living room furniture and she’s fixated on moving my aquarium.

I don’t know why. I really don’t know why.

I really really really don’t want to go furniture shopping.


Is it too early to start whining about Monday looming on the horizon?




took another beach walk this afternoon, got close to 60