Green Grotto XX 🐢 It took 19 previous tries to finally get it right.

Tackled some of the junk which I’ve collected.

12 pounds are going to a Wooter, and a large box 24"x12"x12") is going to Goodwill.

Time to start collecting junk again.


I did some decluttering today too. Zilla came for a visit and we cleaned out one kitchen cabinet and the linen closet. 3 bags of trash and 3 bags of linens to donate. She also hooked me up with a Craigslist person who bought an old mattress and box spring!


Same here with cold…feel like temp never above freezing 2day…been sharing recipes from mom with family, putting stuff away (still) from trip, laundry (never ends), cleaning (also never ends)

And thanks 2 @queen89, we r now hooked on jack ryan and been binge watching since yesterday. It is really good !


Yay 4 getting that mattress and box a new home ! Big accomplishment!


I hadn’t done anything this weekend except sleep. Feeling -bleh- for reasons.

Other stuff

Dad has been visiting my brother on the other side of FL all week. He’s insisted that he was going to rent a U-Haul and a car dolly to tow his vehicle back with all his “stuff” even though he doesn’t have anywhere to put it. He previously said he wanted us to take his bedroom set and put it in our guest room since he spends at least 1 weekend a month at our place. I never hear the end of his “stuff”. Well, turns out when he got to my brother’s, they’d remodeled the house and dad’s bedroom set is now being used by them. I’m not surprised since it’s been sitting there for nearly 2 years. I had a heart-to-heart with dad about maybe he should just leave it there. It’s getting used. He agreed and canceled the UHaul rentals (which is a huge relief because I was worried about him driving all that way by himself, his new wife doesn’t drive and never has in her life). -Whew-

Also, he’d been trying to get my younger sister to sign over the land in FL he and mom transferred to her 13 years ago for reasons. Sister hasn’t done anything with it and has no plans to because “selling it would put [her] income level too high” and she doesn’t want to move to FL. He asked her to sign it back over to him last year so he could sell it instead since he’s been paying the taxes on it every year since they transferred it to her. She’s continuously failed (i.e. intentionally delayed) to sign it back over to him. I suggested to dad to stop paying the taxes then. If she wants to keep it, that’s fine. He doesn’t need to give her a free ride if she doesn’t want to give it back to him. She was there for the night when dad got to my brother’s house last week. Dad told her he stopped paying the taxes. He would have told her sooner but she’s not taken any of his calls since he remarried and wanted to talk to her about it. She immediately offered it transfer it to my brother (who lives nearby) if he wanted to pay the taxes. How about that?


Not tomorrow, starts next week on March 27th. Here’s a link.



I don’t even know what today is.


I understand. It happens.


Fire Elmo GIF

In Hell you have to hold a Moving Sale every day…

Kinda recovered from that, but decided to get up and burn the big wood pile with quite a few large logs out in the pasture. Our “Last Stump Pile Burn”. Also tossed on all extra lumber pieces and some broken wood tables. The flames got pretty high… It was great! The last thing I needed the tractor for. Now the guy can buy it this week.

Tired Donald Duck GIF by Mickey Mouse


So, a fire sale then?

This Is Fine GIF





I would’ve wanted some wood.


What kind was it?


I agree, it is hard for me to relax too. I stay wound up because my brain won’t shut up!


I played barber shop today and cut Hubby’s hair. He wanted the “summer cut” instead of keeping the “winter cut.” His Boss called it the “Gray Haired Hippie cut.” In short, pun intended, his hair is above his collar.

I did my civic duty and paid the robbery taxes.

Grocery shopped at the Price Chopper aka the bank, because that is where the paycheck goes.

Made chicken and wild rice casserole and homemade rolls for dinner.

Cleaned house. Doing laundry. Sat on the porch with Beasty. She tried to eat a delivery dude today. He was smart and left the package at the end of the driveway. She is proud of herself. And another Kong ball bit the dirt. Good thing she has more from the other bank, aka Pet Store, because she is a princess who needs it.




That is so dorked…i hope and pray 4 u and ur dad this gets worked out, 4 the best, 4 all of u


Guys (and gals. like me) luv luv a fire…hooorahhhh!


Speaking of meatloaf…


Where is the ketchup?


I think it all did just work itself out. It’s for the best. Driving the 8+ hours to my brothers and then trying to haul a u-haul box truck + car on a dolly back is too much for him, especially by himself.