Green Hi/Low Mini Hanging Lanterns - 6 pack


YES! I can finally stop paying my electric bill! Now i just need to buy 348948734 batteries.

Hmmmmmmm, debating. Any input on these?

Nevermind; too many batteries. Even if using rechargables, that’s a helluva lot of rechargables. Too much work :frowning:

That’s a lot of batteries — make them solar-powered and I’m in!

No So Much

ouch…4 AA each.

@_@ that’s way to many batteries to waste

What if my Roomba knocks these over?

Will they catch everything on fire?

I am hoping they bring back the Harmony 550. I should have gotten that the last time it was on.

Stil hoping for a poop brown zune as well.


I just stapled my eyes shut while watching my flower grow.

So just how big are these things?

What’s to say - they’re lights - Duracell will like you…


Cool, mini popcorn poppers! Hello movie night!

got lamp?

It’s the Green Lantern!

Bought 3 6 packs last time out … Junk 60 % work out of the box… battery life poor

Or use the electricity to charge the AA batteries! :slight_smile: