Green Hi/Low Mini Hanging Lanterns - 6 pack

made in china, made in china, made in china, made in china, made in china, made in china, made in china, made in china,…can someone put that to a music beat?

are these any good?

I’ve already got a couple of these for picnic’s and camping, small but useful.

Sweet, and you only need 24 AA batteries to get them all working. Maybe the batteries are on sale on sellout.woot.

Each lantern requires 4 AA batteries, not included

6 X 4 = 24

crap…gone in 60 seconds

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Would have bought it, but no LED bulb. You’ll eat through batteries like my ex eating through the Hometown Buffet.

I think everyone must be on vacation. Or everyone is on probation or something. There is no activity here or on wootchat

Love the Dr Who reference!

You could power your Philips remote for the rest of your life with the batteries it would take to power up all 6 of these babies


You call them outdoor lights…I call them battery eaters…


Quick Math…

4 AA batteries x 6 lanterns = 24 batteries. If you “buy 3”, you’ll need 72 batteries. I don’t know about where y’all come from, but a box of 48 AA’s (Energizers) at Sam’s Club around here (Ohio) runs about $18.

So for about $27 (on the low end), you can power the lanterns you paid $20 for (with shipping). And probably not for very long, at that.


that’s because nobody expects a wootoff on a Tuesday. Don’t recall one happening on any other day except Thursdays.