Green Knight: The Weekend Warrior

Talk about your matching headgear ; )

Would consider this if it also came with the riding lawn mower.

That was a really great price for the helmet - it’s over three times that price at Amazon.

Why did I just buy that helmet?

I can’t answer that, but thanks for saving me from buying it.

Damn, I just missed the helmet.

Oh, well.

Um, ok.

You just wanted to be my Knight in shining armor.

I have this shirt from when it was first offered (a few years ago I think?) and it is great. I use it when mowing the lawn on my John Deere green lawn mower.

But, dang, I missed the helmet. If only I had the helmet, and a lance, and I’d be set. Scare the neighbors, too.

You know this means you are obligated to post the selfie in helmet and on a lawnmower, right?

But I only have a push mower… :confused:

not sure why, but i totally love the helmet. i really enjoyed setting it up. and when we saw them live and in-person… let me just say i may or may not have put one on.