Green Laser Pointer

What power output?

oddly i do need one, i may get it.

cool, but not cool.

I wonder what the power of it is.

in4 three!

I might have purchased if not for the $5 shipping…

What’s the MW rating on this?

no power output == fail

still havent been tempted to buy anything…where is all the good stuff woot??

I bought one of these about a month ago… They are alright, nothing too spectacular… but you can definitely see the laser at night… which is awesome.

atleast they didn’t show batteries and then not include them this time! I love my green lasers…Highly recommended!!

can’t you mod green laser pens to burn things?

good but can’t waste the cash on it now

Got one last woot off and they are great. In for 2!

Get 3!

I do love me some laser pointers. But for almost 20 bucks? Ill stick w/ my $3 chinatown version

got into enough trouble with these!

NOT in for one to blind some peeps!

Cheaper than the thinkgeek ones, the cases make them good gifts for geeks (also I need one anyway). (So in for 3)

I got a green laser pointer shipped from China for about $12…