Green Means Go

Are you saying Green Lantern has no friends?

Looks like that car is… Going green.


i bet everyone else is green with envy.

Silly biker, don’t you know that you’re also allowed in the HOV lane?

I believe an explanation is in order:

You’d think he’d just fly to work instead.

Green lantern breaking the law? That should be Sinestro in that car.

I guess Green Lantern and I both feel old now because I need to get my trifocals to read this shirt!

What is the guy from the Venture Brothers doing guest starring in this shirt?

No robots from Robbie ‘The Robot’ Lee?

The world has gone mad!!! At least he’s using a ‘replicator’ in the form of the Green Lantern’s ring.

Congrats, Robbie on your print.

Why doesn’t he just fly?

Ha. GL meets LA.


The “arrow-shooting best buddy” is Green Arrow.

Certain Green Lanterns have been rendered powerless by the color yellow.


I think I would get this but it just reminds me of how much I hate traffic in DC. Grrr.

I believe that is what you call a holographic occupant vehicle.

Okay, that’s pretty f’n funny.

Mwahahahaahah! Funneh!!

Fake passengers, no seatbelt, only one hand on the wheel… no wonder he got pulled over.

I wonder: Is the sign necessary in this design? Or is the diamond carpool lane well-known enough that people automatically understand it?