Green Mountain Variety Pack Favorites, 40 K-Cup Pods

Green Mountain Variety Pack Favorites, 40 K-Cup Pods

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I’ve been a Wooter since it was one day, one deal, and now you want to be exclusive? Not cool, Woot.


What is the best by date on this ?


Nice and all but you can get a better deal for 40 K-Cups from your local Christmas Tree Stores.

it tells me to log in with my Prime ID and I do, then it doesn’t let me add the item to my cart. Been a Wooter for years. This is the first time I’ve run into this problem…


I cannot buy it either! Logged onto Prime and that’s it!

If you’re having trouble adding to your cart with Prime and you’re on a PC; disable your ad-blocker / cookie burner then try again.

As for the coffee… I used to like Green Mountain but the last time I tried Nantucket and Dark Magic they had an artificial sweetener aftertaste to them. Not sure if they’ve changed things or my taste has.

i’m a prime member and logged in but i can’t add to my cart

No problem adding it to my cart…


Make sure you click the Login with Amazon button. The funky auth window (we are redesigning it) makes it super confusing. Log out first, then log back in but make sure you click Login With Amazon, don’t just enter your email and password in the fields on the login screen as that’s the “Woot” login. Amazon doesn’t tell us you’re Prime unless you use Login with Amazon.

Log out and log back in and make sure you click this button on the auth page:

The account linking doesn’t know you’re Prime if you log in using the “Sign in with woot” section.

Oh, as if that works.

My Amazon login alternates between logging into 2 DIFFERENT accounts. :crazy_face:

Will not let me add to cart either and I have tried everything. Logged out and tried to log in using my Amazon account and does not have a add to cart link. First time I have ever had this problem.

I logged in with Amazon and then a page popped up and it said “log into Woot using your amazon account.” I clicked in the proper place and after a few seconds the popup went blank. There was still no way to add the k-cups to my cart. I think that tomorrow someone with some knowledge should make an adjustment that takes away the “Join Prime” button and adds a “add to cart” button. There are just too many members who cannot add this item to their carts for it to be an “operator error”.

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I cannot add to my cart keeps telling me to sign in I have signed I but still cannot buy what’s going on

As you can see from the sales chart graphic pasted below, there are a LOT of people having success logging in with their Amazon account and getting orders placed…

This is what I did on app. To all who are having trouble try this below on app.

First make sure your not signed in if you are sign out than go to you phone settings force close woot app.

2nd get back into woot app. on home page scroll tab over to Green Mountain coffee deal. Click on it than scroll to buy it tab. Click on it than eventually it will prompt you to log in with Amazon account do so. Make sure you accept woots authorization page to link yo Amazon account. Than you should end up eventually on the checkout page…good luck hope the above helps.


Are these refurbished?


As noted in the item description,

Condition: New

My 1st time here.
FIVE TIMES I tried to get to BUY the coffee.