Green Space

2nd chance sales begin the day after originally offered, for an extra $5. Available shirts are from current and prior week, plus the ten highest sellers of the remainders.
Also see Day of Reckoning FAQ, and Wikipedia w00t.shirts

Current week:
3768 = Green Space
Prior week:
3767 = Sunset Tree (Derby 5 Third Place)
3766 = The Organic Light Beam (Derby 5 Runner-up)
3764 = Jellyfishalicious (Derby 5 Winner)
3743 = Fire Swallower
3694 = GI Metro
3693 = Duct Tape Man
3689 = See-Sawlitude
Subject to Reckoning on Tuesday 9/4:
01 Nobody’s Perfect
02 BreakfasTopo (Derby 4 Winner)
03 Chimpanzee Robusto
04 Sore Thumbs
05 Sea Chimp
06 Reality Isn’t For Everyone (Derby 3 Winner)
07 Stereo From Above
08 The Rustic
09 Unhappy Meeting (Derby 2 Co-winner)
10 Rat Rod
11 Threat Level: Doctorow
12 Snowmen In Heat (Derby 2 Co-winner)
13 Driving To Work
14 If You Want To Destroy My Chainmail
15 Pirate Trip
SPECIAL EXEMPTION - available until further notice
shirt.w00t! Launch

RIP – Reckoned Into Perpetuity:
Hello Squidbucket! – Nerdy Laundry – American Samurai – Cube One (Derby 1 Winner) – Too Hungry – Scales & Bubbles – Sci-Fi Weenie Roast – Robot Service – The Must-See Comedy Shirt of the Summer – Word Problem – This Here’s My Unicorn-Huntin’ Gun

you serious? It’s just a green shirt…

Lamest excuse for not having a shirt ever.

If this sells out you people have a lot of explaining to do.


wtf ‘’

lol @ blank shirt

Lame cope-out guys. I was really looking forward to another cool shirt.

?! $10 for a green shirt?

Cool shirt, I’m in for one.

wow… cmon a plain green shirt for 10 bucks

As long as you’re not wearing white after Labor Day you’re good.

Green Space FTW!

The Libyan flag comment was pretty good, but not good enough to buy a plain shirt!

Better than that unlicensed merchandise shirt from week one.

Why not just print the tree shirt on grass green like it was originally designed?

OMG AWESOMEZ I’M IN FOR 3!!!111oneoneoneone

…except not really. I like you, shirt.woot, but not enough to pay $10 for a plain green t-shirt.

it should be $10 non-SMART POST INCLUDED.
c’mon woot!
Is it even a green I can’t get at the corner store?

this is sort of funny… sort of.

woot screen printing team wanted the day off/// so you get blank shirts!

Why didn’t they put the phoenix on this? : /