Hey GREEN Team.

Is there actually a question about if we want to include any wooter that wants to join our little group???

I certainly think any person that has anything to add to our thread (except maybe too many scary clowns) would be welcome!

Woot is a great place to shop, buy and also click over to see the Community pages. The Grotto of the Santa Sedition (AKA ‘The GREEN Team’)has been a really great place to visit, tell a little news and see what others are doing.

But… I really can’t be a member of anything that isn’t accepting others who really want to join. I really don’t join many (any?) groups, and we’ll see how this goes over with everyone…


It does get a little creepy in there…and DAVE LOVESLOVESLOVES creepy clown!

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Of course Dave is right (DAMN YOU, DAVE!)

So many times we have come to the community section only to read negative comments about Woot, complaints about customer service, disgruntled shoppers.

I love to be able to come here for a big ol’ shot o’ HAPPY and FRIENDSHIP.