Green Thumb Easy Flip Sprayer – 2 Pack


Where the f did the netbooks go? Bait&Switch anyone?

Just gimme a Baggie-O-Crapola!!!

How many do we get on Thursday?


This isn’t Tuesday

Hello my name is Dr. Greenthumb, I’d like to show you just where I’m from

csi miami fan?


i would get this if i had a hose

Indeed Jimmie, indeed.

Think these are dishwasher safe?

i got these last wootoff and have been using in my yard all summer

easy to use, no hangups, smooth operation

decently cheap too

We’ve been sitting here for 5 days?!!!

Sadly, I have these from the last time…and have yet to actually use them! Hey, it’s too hot, here in Hell, to go out there and ‘steam’ the yard!

the best hose nozzle


Bought some of these from Woot recently and really like them. They’re tough and feel good in the hand. I love the on/off lever as opposed to the trigger type of sprayers.

wow, bad call there. :slight_smile: