Greenhouses: Fourth Quarter Growth

How well would these stand up to heavy winds?

Since you are a company representative you should Identify yourself as such. Also please do not review your own products. Even if you do own and like them.

I bought one of the large ones the last time they put them up (I think 5x6?). We had a storm a week later and it flipped. I moved it that day. We had a windy day a couple of weeks later and it flipped several times across the back yard- even while full of plants. I had to buy zip ties for the shelves because they fall everywhere. Now I have a greenhouse in the back that I have to stake down every few days. My spare bathroom is full of plants.

I have several potted plants that are kinda tall. Can I remove the middle shelf?
Are the shelves adjustable?

I bought one of the 6 shelf walk-in ones last time and love it. I’ve some heavy plants in there (the shelves are strained to the limit, as the shelving is pretty flimsy) and it’s weathered some heavy windstorms with no issues whatsoever. I would buy another. In fact I MAY buy another just to have an extra greenhouse I can put around single saplings as I need it. The thinnner/taller ones, however, will likely need staking. These things are made of metal rods (aluminium) held together like PVC piping with plastic connectors. You form the frame and then drape the plastic over it. It’s not heavy or weighted on the bottom, and they don’t really have a bottom to them in any sense (great to put over trees, but makes weighting them down a bit tougher).

The shelves aren’t adjustable. They’re at set spaces in the frame that you build (which is constructed of set-length pieces of metal tubing held together with plastic pipe fittings). The metal shelves, however, just rest on top of the frame, so you can simply leave one (or two) off with no issues.


I’m definitely sorry for any issues you had with a previous order- I sent this message over to CS and our buyer, hopefully we’ll be able to work on getting whatever pieces you need for your order.

They don’t. I bought the Deluxe Walk-in 3-Tier 6-Shelf Portable Greenhouse in October when Woot offered them. A month later it had blown over and the plastic ripped in two places and my plants were on the ground. It was a cool idea, but what a waste of money. It didn’t even get me through one winter.

I don’t get it… what does it do?

I bought the 12 shelf last time and also ending up missing a part. However, I contacted Ogrow directly and they sent the missing part out the next day. So kudos to them!

I haven’t experience any heavy winds yet but I put it in a sheltered spot on my patio so hopefully it won’t get blown away. I can see how it would be taken by the wind if left out in the open with only plants to weigh it down.

I bought one of the 6-shelf walk-ins a few weeks ago, and so far so good. I live in Kansas, where we’ve had some very windy days recently, but the greenhouse has stood fine. I do have it backed up against the west wall of my house, but not staked or zip-tied to anything. I’d be tempted to buy another one today, but the one I have is plenty of greenhouse space for me.

lucky for me, I had one of these back in 89 I erected just before Hurricane Hugo. The sky turned black and I ran to save my cat, who was blowing in the wind straight out like my American flag, hanging on by one claw to a concrete bench where I keep her food bowl. Not able to make it back to the house, we dove in the greenhouse and zipped it up with no time to spare. Looking through the crystal clear plastic we could see the devastation happening around us. It was so windy we saw a chicken lay the same egg three times. As the eye moved over, we passed the time stacking BB’s.
Thank you Woot for saving my cat. thank you.

Colorful kiddie design to attract kids?

I think I saw some of these in the back of an unmarked white van in my neighborhood that had “FREE CANDY” hastily spray painted on the side.

I bought one of these Deluxe Walk-in 3-Tier 6-Shelf Portable Greenhouse in October when woot offered them. I like the concept, but they could do a little better with the quality of materials. The shelves bow easily with just about any pot, although they seem to hold. I ended up using Gorilla glue as the poles (which I believe are thin steel not aluminum ) easily pull out of the plastic connectors which don’t lock, the poles simply slide into the soft plastic connectors, and can easily pull out.

Now I have to contact the seller as my zipper just gave out on the door (if the other zipper gives out, I can’t get in).

To hold the unit down, I put some heavy bricks on the flaps on the bottom of the unit, and I used a screw in tent stake one each corner, and it seems to be holding out OK so far.

Don’t get me wrong, overall for the price, I really like this, but I would be willing to pay a bit more if the quality of materials was a bit better. For example make the poles lock into the connectors. Make the zippers more heavy duty, and the shelves could use a couple of gauges higher of thicker wire so they don’t bow so easily, and thicker plastic on the cover would last longer. Great idea, but up the build quality and people would be willing to pay more for a better quality unit IMHO.

Hi there,

I am reaching out to you from the Ogrow Company. First of all, thank you for your comments and suggestions; we look out for the customer’s voice to be able to enhance our products furthermore.

Now about the connectors, our greenhouse connectors are designed in a way that needs force to connect. Meaning, if you will connect two rods to the connector by pushing it horizontally it will work but all you will get is a flimsy frame. However, if the connectors are connected by pushing downward, in a way forcing it in to the connector you will get strong results. An idea for the shelving; we have heard from our customers brilliantly tying them down with plastic ties which took just a few moments with great results!!

I’ve had one for about 2 years, however I got it from Big Lots for about 39.99 at end of season sale. They will flip over if the wind is strong, so I got zip ties and went to harbor freight and bought tent stakes and staked it into place. Also get some clear duct tape and use it to attach the plastic cover. And ziptie the shelves in place. I love mine.