Greenhouses: Here Comes More Sun

Does anyone know what the dimensions are for the Ogrow OG4723-M Seed Starter Greenhouse Cloche With Cover?

71 x 36 x 36 according to this catalog (which includes the other dimensions for the other products)

I have 2 Ogrow greenhouses. And while I love them (I really do), they have one serious flaw… the zippers are utter and complete junk. Expect them to fail quickly. The zipper handles will snap in half, and the zippers themselves will fail horribly.

Other than that, I’ve no complaints about these things. I shall buy another. If I had more money, I would buy a couple more.

Big Lots has most of these and more for far less money!

Thanks. The walk-in is cheaper at Big Lots. 4-tier is same. Being able to examine and return at a store, if needed, is great.

I bought the 5-tier one is Lowes last year. The thing is so lightweight (even with stuff in it), that it walked all over my concrete patio when windy. Had to secure it to the house with bungees. Right now it sits in my shed in a pile, not even sure I want to bother with it this year!

Does anyone know how much weight each shelf can hold without bending?

Very very disappointed. I ordered one before they ran out, but the order was never successfully sent out. They did refund my money, which is nice and all, but very misleading and disappointing.

Got mine and secured it to the ground. Has anyone kept this up year round? If so, how did the plastic hold up?