GREENIES® Hip & Joint CareDental Chew 18oz. (4-sizes)

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GREENIES? Hip & Joint CareDental Chew 18oz. (4-sizes)
Price: $14.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Apr 21 to Tuesday, Apr 22) + transit
Condition: New


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I can’t give my dog Greenies, because he doesn’t chew them up enough and pukes out large pieces.

You mean you’re not cool with picking up the dog barf? Ha.

My dog lives for these. One a day, everyday, she gets a regular greenies. Cat loves the cat ones too.

I get them on a regular basis from amazon for $16-$19 shipped for 27oz size. Last purchase was the 36oz value tubs for $19.96 each. This is a very poor sale price today.

I have yet to meet a dog that doesn’t love these. I’ve been known to carry around a couple for saying ‘hi’ to friendly doggies when walking downtown.

If your dog is constipated, buy these. You dog will have the scoots in a matter of hours. UGH !

I just looked on Amazon and couldn’t find anything close to this. Could you provide a link please? thanks.

We get the largest ones regularly and shove them into the medium sized kongs. Then the dogs have to work for a little bit to get them out. We cut them in half and put the half into a smaller kong for our little pom and even he loves it.

My lab has the same problem as a previous comment. She will bite off too big of pieces and throws them up. I stopped giving them to her as I was afraid one may get obstructed in her intestines.

My grandfather swears by this stuff — and he doesn’t have a dog!

I’ve gotten a deal like this before, but it seems that it is only available sporadically.

This link used to be Greenies at the sale price AND Amazon Prime, but has since changed suppliers. I’ve had trouble finding then on sale since last year.

The hip and joint versions (these) are more expensive, generally.

My little dude is my best friend and he goes nuts for these! Very good price.

I stopped feeding my dogs greenies a few years ago when all the press was circulating about the dangers to pets. That it wasn’t digestible material and could cause obstructions. I don’t think a clear answer ever emerged one way or the other (I say after a 10 second google search)…but it’s worth reading about if you haven’t before. <- Shows the two sides, kind of.

I guess my point is, if you’ve never been a greenie-user, I don’t know that I’d start just because of a sale. Some dogs don’t react well.

Also, to the people hunting for the normal greenie pricing on Amazon…remember Amazon will take down (or raise the prices) on the items that are currently offered by woot, so we can’t price compare (woot is now owned by Amazon). Case in point…you can read the reviews on the elliptical machine from sports.woot today on Amazon, but they’re mysteriously “out of stock” right now.

Unfortunately this same size package is on sale at Walmart dot com for 12.99. wtg Woot.


All I see for anywhere near $12.99 are the cat SmartBite treats.

I don’t even see the hip & joint care treats and the closest that I can see is the 18oz(I think?) treats for $33 - double what it is available for here.

I literately just bought a bag of these yesterday for our dog and paid about $23-24 at petsmart, that’s including $1 I always donate. He gets one of the petite when the 2nd one of us gets home so usually my wife gets the glory aka super excited dog because he knows he getting his greenie. HE LOVES THESE! It is the one thing we consistently make sure we have for him besides his food.

Considering he has been eating these for 10+ years we have no fear of them causing him harm, we used to freeze them so he would work a little more to chew them but we had to stop as he has gotten older and he cracked a tooth(had to have it removed obviously). It is one of the few wheat containing food items he has not had a problem with as he has a quirky stomach.

Compared the price online with petsmart and this deal was cheaper after tax by a few bucks. Grabbed 3 bags and had to talk my wife down from ordering 3 herself. :wink:

Definitely. I gave my dog a greenie once, and he immediately got the runs. And it was green. Sorry pup, no more greenies for you!