Greenworks 12-Amp 20-Inch Corded Snow Thrower

Hey, it a ‘Barbie’ snow blower’! If you only get a few inches at a time, maybe.

My wife calls this one of the greatest purchases we have ever made. We live in Detroit and this truly is a wonderful tool. Once I figured out the best way to cord manage, I don’t miss a beat when out there working. We have had ours nearly 2 years now and it makes it so easy to go out and clear our property. We have over a foot of snow on the ground now, and our driveway is bare to pavement. Don’t try tackling more than 4 inches at a time with this, but it is an amazing snow blower. I noticed at the beginning of the season that one of the knobs to tighten the chute (angle) was missing. Called Greenworks, they sent a new one out free of charge – LOVE the 4 YEAR WARRANTY.

The “cord” is just to plug it into an extension cord.

These are awesome. I have a Toro, same thing, just about. Any of you “that ain’t a snow blower” types need to try it. Even blockbuster snowfalls are no big deal. Plus when you’re done, just put it away like a vacuum. It’s about as heavy. No gas, no noise, no smoke, I don’t miss my 8HP two-stage self propelled one bit. I’ve beaten the snot out of this thing and it just keeps on working, and it throws snow just fine, thank you.

I also have a small Toro electric and am happy with it for Ohio winters.

It’s interesting that all of the positive comments about these electrics come from people that have one, while the negative comments come from people who have never used one.

We live here in Plattsburgh NY 150 miles North of Albany and we get the wet heavy stuff with drifts most of the time here by Lake Champlain and I am very happy with mine in the first year.That video is perfect. I have just done 10" med heavy snow and then the 15" drifts. You just have to tip it up to get the top first then get the bottom next, and the same with the plowed entrance, just take small bites. I find it best to take 1/2 width bites of the heavier stuff or you will have a lot of after cleanup cause it is NOT a two stage and cannot throw as fast as it chews it up. Light enough to carry up the stairs to do my deck and long walkways too. Oh the warranty is excellent the scraper at the bottom broke off and the sent one right away free.

Anybody use one on non-paved areas? My parking area is packed pea sized gravel.

I have the Toro 1800 on a stone drive way, just had to replace the belt due to the stones clogging the rotor at almost the cost of this.

Guess I should rethink the electric filtering water bowl my dog has…

a woot staff question.

I literally, just purchased this same exact thing on ebay for about 40 dollars more yesterday. I contacted the seller to see if I can cancel the purchase so I can order here. If I order now from here, how long do I have to cancel the order here if they either don’t respond or don’t cancel?

While I do have 2 hands, I don’t know if each needs a snowblower.

I have owned this for a few years. Every year the hardware that holds the outlet chute comes apart and I have to reorder $20 of parts from Canada. It only handles light fluffy snow–if its wet forget it. It will move snow if its light enough but here in NE its pretty useless. And I paid Full Price for it BTW

I just ordered this exact snow blower on Amazon last week! Does Amazon do after purchase price match to Woot!, esp since they own Woot! ???

BTW…Nothing to compare it to, as I have never had a snow blower before, but I really like it…
FYI I’m in Michigan…very cold and lots and lots of snow here…

@multiplicationdisplay did a great job describing the pros/cons of an electric snowblower. I’m on my second electric Toro 1800 Curve Snow Thrower (bought from Woot! for $130 last year).

My first Toro 1800 Electric Curve Snow Thrower lasted 10 years and handles the snow in Rochester, NY. While it might be cold in Minnesota and it may snow more months of the year, Western NY sets the records for snowfall

Another advantage is that my wife uses it! Quick, easy and at the end of the season you can store it overhead in the garage.

I don’t normally comment here but need to this time because I got a great deal on this snowblower last year, and could not be more impressed and happy with it. Living in Buffalo… we’ve gotten ALOT of snow this year… Approaching 100 inches so far. This machine has worked fantastically.

The key to cord management… Figure our which way the wind is coming from. Lay out the cord off the driveway on the upwind side, start on that side, and work down wind. You’ll never have to even think about the cord.

The best thing about this machine is it’s light weight. Our garage isn’t huge, so there is no way we could store a huge gas machine in there. With this snow blower, I simply pick it up, hold it over my car, and hang it from a hook on the ceiling. When I need to blow the snow off the back deck, I can just carry it through the house to the back door.

It powered through many 16-18" snow drifts and snow plow drifts.

For $100, it’s a great machine.

Note, you need a heavy duty cord, and you’ll pay close to the price of the machine for a 100’ 12 gauge extension cord (Normally around $75 or so).

Very good post, to which I agree; however, I DID get the Greenworks one recently (for about $20 more from the Big A), and sent it back about two weeks later.

My biggest problem was not the throw distance (which varied from “sufficient” to “WOW!”), but the flimsy build of the exit chute and the deflector. I was CONSTANTLY having to unclog or unjam it just to get it to turn, and after about three uses, the flimsy coupler that connects the crankshaft to the deflector assembly fell apart, as the metal was weak. If it wasn’t for the exit chute/deflector assembly, I probably would have kept it.

For those brave enough to give it a try, you should have no issues with any powdery new-fallen snow up to 6"; anything wet, however -just get out the shovel or the big blower.

This is a very good deal! I have the Toro and as long as you don’t expect too much from it,it’s worth every penny. I use mine to clean off the back deck and it does the job unless it’s very heavy wet snow. My big problem with using a shovel is the lifting of the snow so this saves my back and aging heart. Even if you only use it a few times,for $104 you can’t go wrong.

For the clogging I read many people having success with silicon spray, keeps the inside from getting all gummed up.

Don’t do it. You will likely be gouging ruts through your “packed” pea gravel, and send the gravel to your grass.

Even a heavy gas blower will rip up gravel, but this machine works so well with the big rubber auger beating on the ground that I think it would be even more aggressive at tearing up your driveway. Maybe if your pea gravel is an epoxy coat finish might be the only exception.

I have a question that I didn’t see addressed in the manufacturer’s specs or in any reviews I saw.

Are there any specs available for how long of an extension cord you can safely use with this blower? My driveway is ~150’ long, and while I have a 100’ and 50’ 12 gauge extension cords, I’m wondering if the voltage drop in that distance will cause a problem.

I have this exact snow blower bought from WOOTs big brother AMZN.

I’m in St. Louis…so our winters are nothing like north…
Perfect area for this model.

I also purchased a ‘cold’ weather extension cord. Pricey but worth it. The comment near the top about electrocution was comical… Really? Ever hear of grounding? Works great!

Speaking to this snow blower…20" in a great width for the sidewalk…

Glad it came from the big brother company…1st one that was sent lasted two snows. While using it the 2nd time around, I heard a screeching sound and while still on… rotor stopped turning. As I took it apart, the drive belt was toast and shredded as well as the rotor. NO clue what happened as it was only in use 5 minutes. Emailed cust service at AMZN, glad I kept the box, packed it up where they paid return shipping and immediately sent a new one out. Have used it twice with no issues. The chute does like to move on you, so you might need to turn it every few minutes. It’s light where I have it on a hook in the garage… so MUCH less space than a gas powered one. Can’t beat this price either. Hope this helps.