Greenworks 12-Amp 20-Inch Corded Snow Thrower

I live in Minnesota and bought the Worx Electric snowthrower on Woot in Fall and it has handled every snow fall here without problem, plus it is lightweight and requires zero maintenence. I don’t come in when I am done clearing my 30 foot driveway smelling like an exhaust fume, either. I have a gas snowblower at another residence, and I much prefer the electric!

Bought this model from Amazon 3 years ago after Snowmageddon hit the I95 corridor. Guess what? No snow for the past two winters. Until 2014. It’s fine for powdery snow of 6-7 or less, it gets it done. Beware snow blowing back in your face on windy days, but that’s a snowblower hazard in general. I also bought a weatherized 100’ extension cord, so great on tht too. Cord management is the major hassle factor, so it’s good to get a neighbor and team up, so you have a cable manager. You can do it alone, but takes a lot longer. Anyway, for small jobs this is a solution over shoveling.

Almost forgot, under the negatives…after sitting idle in a garage for two years, the first time I used it (it literally was not use for two years out of the box) and almost immediately the wing bolts that are used to manage the snow throw chute fell off after rusting. I replaced them with some metal ones I had sitting around. So in terms of durability, that is a problem. Also, the control that swivels the thrower works poorly, as I found myself moving it by hand. Also, ice and snow got into the track around the throw chute and it just became very tough to swivel, not good. I applied some WD40 to it and it seems okay now (but it is in a garage so the ice also melted). Anyway, at this price, not bad even with those downsides.

This isin’t something you want if you live in New England. It’s a step up above shoveling but it will struggle at less than idea conditions.

Here in New Hampshire this might serve for July & August but it’s probably underpowered for a September flurry.

You expect a 300 foot cord included for a hundred buck gadget? You supply the extension, it does the rest (except in MN).

According to the page at Home Depot mentioned earlier and found here, the max length cord specified is 100 feet and the minimum gauge is 16. You’re good on the gauge of your cords. Chances are that they left enough wiggle room in the specs to be comfortable at that distance with thicker cables.

I’d kick in a benjamin to make it stop, too!

You had driveways and sidewalks! Big Babies! Back in my day we had to clear a path through the mountains using our tongues! And it was always 40 below, too.

Think I’ll pass on this, as I’d need 150’ cord for my 2500sf driveway. I’ve been using a 36" pusher for snows under 3", a Garant 24"snow sleigh for larger snows. I got the snow sleigh for $45 at Ace Hardware a few years ago and it works great! I can clear 18" snow from my driveway in an hour, with no back strain, no noise, and no snow blowing around! It seems Amazon has it listed for $163, but I bet if you check around hardware stores, you can find one for under $60.

I have a similar Toro 1800 electric. I used it yesterday to clear my driveway and sidewalk of 12 inches of extremely wet snow. While it struggled with the snow’s weight and clogged several times, it was a lot faster than shoveling (with no back strain). Unclogging it takes 5 seconds.
A few years back I used it after a 40 inch blizzard. It has a handle so you just lift it up and swing it over the deep snow taking several passes to get to bare pavement.

I have one of these that I bought at HD. Living in the Mid-Atlantic (Wash DC Burbs)), I don’t get many big snow storms. So I didn’t want a gas engine to maintain. This one just handled a big part of my 200’ driveway, 12" deep. It’s a lot like pushing a grocery cart into a wall with heavy snow, but far better than a hand shovel. A lot of power for infrequent use and small totals. Takes little garage space.

this would have been nice to have this week… probably won’t get another batch of snow this winter, but it will be useful in the future. $110 shipped with tax, charge your neighbors $20 per driveway next snow storm, and it’s paid for itself in just 1 storm.

For some reason I overlooked that spec on the HD page. Muchas Thanks, Kenundrum!!

I expect you’re right on the wiggle room, and since I normally clear the driveway in stages with a shovel (you know, too much of a good thing, and all that), the machine should get plenty of time to cool off between those short work sessions.

wow, might be easier to use a shovel.

I know that if I buy this today, we won’t get anymore snow this year. SOLD!!! That’s worth the price of admission…

Really? You can clear a 2500sf driveway with 18" of snow in an hour using a Garant 24" snow sleigh? Are you a Clydesdale? I really doubt you can find one of these for $60 but if you do please share

Bought the Toro on Woot last year and could not be happier. No gas, no oil, no maintenance always starts in a heartbeat. My driveway is too long for even a big snow blower so have a truck do it. I use the electric for walks, decks, little cleanup near the house after the plow and paths to the propane and oil fills. I even do the deck stairs with it (try that with a 8 HP blower!) My shovel stays in the garage now. My neighbors who have big snow blowers still get out the shovel for a lot of that stuff. No, this is not a substitute for a gas blower, but for many it will be a welcome addition.

Note in the video the guy struggles constantly with the cord, and his entry to his drive will be hand shoveled out because he dare not bring that ‘snow blower’ anywhere close to what the plow pushed up there.
I am in MI and my gas snow blower works fine with small amounts of snow or 18 inches of snow. It has an electric start option in case its really cold out too, so no worries there. I swap my mower and blower to the back of the garage for the season and am fine. This might be a nice compact blower for someone on a budget, elderly, or for someone with space issues in the garage as long as they are willing to go out every two hours and re-use it for any significant snow…

hahaha…a toy snowblower…cute…this is good for anything south of the Mason/Dixon line…not for Upper Michigan…

I bought this model from Sears this winter. I live in central Missouri. Works great in light snow. This machine in not for Yankees in the Great White Nawth. After 8 or 10 inches of snowfall this little machine has to work pretty hard. If you havea small driveway and a little bit of sidewalk to clear it’ll do the job.