Greenworks 12 Amp 20-Inch Lawn Mower

Greenworks 12 Amp 20-Inch Lawn Mower

How many volts?

Uhm…110. It’s a corded mower…

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I got the 21 inch, 13 amp version of this back in 2019. Used it last night and it still works great. This is a fantastic deal. It is corded and you can’t convert it to run on a small battery pack but it has a wide blade and you can mow the heck out of anything that gets in your way.

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I bought this a couple of weeks ago for $15 more. It came in great shape and was easy to set up and did a really good job.

I’ve had mine for almost six years now and it’s still working perfectly.

It’s very useful when they provide a link to the user’s manual in the Features description. The power cord is going to cost almost as much as this device - one up to and over 50-foot long will want to be 10AWG if possible (otherwise your motor will seem “anemic”, unimpressive). You will get used to “tying a knot” between the two cords when you connect them (any “tug” on the cord pulls against the knot and not against the cord-to-cord connection, to prevent pulling the cord loose).

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I totally agree. I have a 12amp snow thrower and I wouldn’t even try to use a standard extension cord on it.

10 awg is overkill and would be a pain to drag around… At 50 ft 14 awg 3 conductor is sufficient and for >50 to 100ft 12 awg 3 conductor. Southwire makes a quality 12/3 100ft cable that’s $58 at Amazon or HD.

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I mostly agree - but you’ll appreciate it differently if you take “your extension cord”, roll it up in a coil (wires close together, like you would to store it) and plug it in on both ends and run the motor (mower, etc) for a couple of minutes. Then pick up the coil and notice how much HEAT it generated - at 12 amps, 14 gauge wire is going to be noticeably warm, 12 gauge will be too, but not as much, and with 10 gauge you will notice even less warmth. Every bit of power used heating up the wire isn’t turning your mower blades. Yes, 12 gauge works and is lighter to horse around, AND there is a trade off to know about…

I have the 18 inch version I bought in 2013. Thing still runs like a charm. Almost no maintenance except for blade sharpening. Just get a 12 or 14 extension cord and it’s perfect for small to medium yards. Takes a couple tries to get a pattern down with minimal cord reorg but otherwise it’s great.

Oh, and if you are not careful, on the lower height settings you can easily mow over your cord and destroy it.

Just got mine. Missing the mulching plug. Anyone else?

Hi there. Should have been there. Did you look to see if it was installed or hiding in the catcher?

If you don’t find it, reach out to Greenworks. I’m guessing they’ll be able to send you one.