Greenworks 13 Amp Corded Snow Thrower

Greenworks 13 Amp Corded Snow Thrower

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(Update Jan 17) The item arrived on Tues the 15th so in the end I have very little to complain about past the price still being higher than Amazon. The box was banged up a little but no damage was found on the snow thrower or any of the few parts that were necessary for assembly. Haven’t had any snow yet for a test run but that looks likely to change for the Kansas City area where I live by the weekend.

Stay tuned for more information on the performance of this unit next week. (End of update)

I discovered after purchasing here that Amazon sells the same snow thrower for $8.70 less and on top of the lower price it’s Prime 2 day shipping eligible. So I emailed Woot customer service to see if they could help with the difference in price. They responded with a $10 refund that made Woots price $1.30 cheaper than Amazons. I emailed them again to see if they would adjust the shipping to 2 day instead of the standard shipping but was told that “We are sorry we have only standard shipping, we do not have any other faster shipping.” This doesn’t sound right to me as the page for the item listed standard, and 2 day shipping along with the estimated delivery dates.

Furthermore I’ve now noticed that the page also says “Fulfilled by Amazon”. How is it that Amazon is selling this through Woot for more than on their own website along with longer shipping?

I am disappointed to say the least with the multiple discrepancies in price and shipping times.

This long rant is not an attempt to extract anything more from Woot that hasn’t already been offered. It is more or less to let you know that we are not able to always trust the prices offered on their site.

Hello there. Amazon isn’t selling through Woot. We are an independent subsidiary and are responsible for what we sell. While we have free shipping if you have Prime and log in with Amazon, we do not promise 2-day free shipping.

All that said, our inventory is in an Amazon warehouse (just like many other retailers) and they do ship very quick.