Greenworks 20V Lithium-Ion Trimmer/Edger

$99.99 and solid reviews on the mothership.

**Item: **Greenworks 20V Lithium-Ion Trimmer/Edger
Price: $64.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $21 Two-Day OR $24 One-Day
Condition: New

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Take a look at some reviews from Home Depot

More info, reviews and more at String Trimmers Direct

Let’s watch a video! [youtube=j5f4JkMsPEE][/youtube]

Anyone know if the battery is compatible with the one in the Greenworks pole saw I bought from here a little while back?

It doesn’t sound like it gets a lot of mileage on a single charge, but the ability to quickly swap batteries might make it worthwhile.

Said in the video that the batterie is compatible with the whole product line.

Seriously? Solid reviews? Seems like the batteries on this trimmer will be the death of me…

This is the kind of machine that will make you happy you bought it many months into the future. What makes it super is the battery! The older nickel-cadmium batteries that once powered everything cordless are light years behind the Lithium-ion powered machines. You will no longer need to deal with batteries that quickly develop a memory, nor will you need to live with batteries that loose staying power between charges. The future is here and it’s made possible by the lithium-ion battery.

As a long-time wooter, I have to leave my first comment. I have a Greenworks mower and love it. The mower package deal included their trimmer, and the trimmer is THE most unwieldy, unergonomic, heavy, out of balance, and unusable trimmer imaginable. Just saying …

Most of the bad reviews on Amazon complain about the battery so maybe not that many light years into the future just yet.

In this video and at the ‘string trimmers direct’ site, a 4 year warranty (with 1 year for battery I think) is mentioned, but with this offering there is only a 1 year warranty. I know this is a much better price, but was wondering if there is a reason for the difference?

I have this trimmer and I love it. It’s the best trimmer I’ve ever used both because of how well it works and because of the Li-ion battery. I bought this combo a while ago and have been using it for three seasons. I was a little worried about the negative battery reviews but it’s still as strong as when I got it.

I would be surprised if you got the advertised 45 minutes of use out of this 2.6Ah battery. The 6Ah battery I have will power through a good half hour of on and off intensive cutting of weeks-long weeds. I would expect you’d get 20 minutes of light to moderate use from this one, plenty for a smaller yard that’s not too overgrown. This is all just a guess though, ymmv.

One thing I was very surprised by was how well the edging function works. The string is the perfect length and the wheel makes it so painless to edge, there’s really no excuse that I shouldn’t do it more often. It’s also so much lighter than my old gas trimmer and easy for me to carry around the whole yard, it would be even more so with this smaller battery.

All in all, the convenience of instant-on full power and not having to fuss with a gas trimmer, fueling, priming, starting, extra weight, mixing gas, loud noise, and exhaust fumes make this one of my favorite tool purchases. If you’re considering any battery-powered tool, I would be hard pressed to recommend anything that doesn’t have a Li-ion battery these days. Especially something as power hungry as this, a cheaper Ni-Cad model will just leave you disappointed and out of juice.

Using a gas mower for one hour is equivalent to the exhaust produced by a car driving a hundred miles. Then there is also the oil that must be replaced and disposed of. And if you want to talk about the pollution caused by electric plants you can’t leave out the environmental impact of gas and oil production. Anyone who thinks that using electric is just as bad as gas is “pretty stupid”.


Now, concerning the LiIon battery packs, they arent perfect. Eventually one or two batteries in the pack will fail, and that pretty much kills the whole pack. I would hope Greenworks sources their LiIon cells from a good company, though I suppose if you were REALLY handy, you could replace the individual cells in the packs. However, if you're only using these packs maybe 10 times a year, they should still last you half a decade. The drill gauge states: "casual dabbler" and I would agree.

I have this model :
I’ve had it for 2 seasons and love this thing! Long lasting battery with more power than you think. Although you will not power thru the thick stuff it will still get the job done with reasonable effort. Weight is well ballanced.
The only thing I dislike is the trigger. The return spring is just a bit too strong and tires out your hand

Thanks for your post - it confirmed my thoughts that this trimmer just looks unergonomic and out of balance. I’ll stick with my old corded trimmer/edger.

Anyone else notice the shaft is bent???

I’ve only used straight-shaft trimmers.
This one would probably drive me nuts.
Unless I’m nuts already…

I will avoid the so-called “green” politics in this one.

My current line trimmer is falling apart so I should probably snag (one pun intended) this one.