GreenWorks 24-Volt 12" String Trimmer

Good reviews from NorthernTool and StringTrimmersDirect

Time to check out the product page and let Lowes teach us how to use a string trimmer

GreenWorks 24-Volt 12" String Trimmer
Price: $74.99
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Somewhat mixed reviews (16) over at Amazon

This trimmer looks to be a very good buy…
*24-volt lithium battery
*Converts from trimmer to edger with a push of a button.
*12 inch cutting path.
*Three year manufacturer’s warranty.
*Only $75.

Need to first do a little research on the manufacturer and check some consumer reviews. Then I come back and order one.

I bought this during a previous sale and really like it. The battery does not make it too heavy to handle and I think it’s a good deal! Easy to adjust from trimmer to edger and battery is ready to remove.

I mean easy to remove!


I purchased the pole chainsaw from Greenworks a few months ago and it is an excellent tool. The battery is strong and it is easy to handle. I’m going for this trimmer as well. I get tired of gas motor driven yard tools that don’t start!

I bought this last year and love it. Easy to use, easy to replace the string, lightweight and does the job. I get about 45 minutes of heavier cutting, and hour of lighter cutting out of it, but the battery has since been improved. Highly recommend.

A similiar model for $58 here.

I bought this tool last time it was offered and think it is very cool but I was frustrated that the 4amp battery I bought with the pole saw and hedge trimmer I bought from a previous sale did NOT fit this trimmer. I called greenworks and they are sending me a battery free of charge but it is something to be aware of. I am hoping my battery charger I use for the 4 amp battery fits the new battery or I will have to buy one which is frustrating.

I see 2 different types of Weed Wackers out there. 24v and 40v any one here know the big difference? is it power, or just battery life?

bigger (40v) is always better. go bigger

lots of greenworks trimmer models have bit the dust recently: just check - there are several disco’ed models. this one seems to be going the same way. note that greenworks has a clearance-like sale on this as well.
maybe it’s strong on “green” and weak on “works”?

Well i know that, i guess what im trying to determine is if its worth it they are about twice the price of this one on woot. would it be a mistake to buy a 24 volt, or are the 40v overkill. i dont have that big of a lawn.

Just ordered a 40v combo with the leaf blower from Northern Tool, but it’s on backorder. I have the Greenworks 40v Pole Chain Saw and I LOVE it (bought on woot)!!! Good quality and battery holds up very well for a chain saw. I would expect the same from their other products.

Wonder if it uses the same battery?

I just bought this it comes with a free hedge trimmer, and if 24v is too weak i can return it.