Greenworks 40V 150 MPH Cordless Blower

Wait… what good is the tool with no battery or charger to use it?? ALMOST got me!

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i am sure it would come with the battery and charger, maybe they were just being clear it doesn’t some with the dude thats in the pics.

same can be said for those roadside bikini hot dog stands that were in Tampa in the 90’s

wow what an opportunity for innuendo

No this is the blower only. No battery included.

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that was my gift to you, but true story.



I’ll see that and raise you a betel nut (binlang) stand

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what good is this without a battery the picture is deceiving return me please urgh

Some companies sell tools without batteries, as it keeps costs down, and if you have other tools for the same brand, the batteries are sometimes interchangeable.

Oh, and even though Woot mentioned that this would only come with the tool, I see how it could be confusing (since there was a picture with the battery).

That being said, here’s how to do a return:

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Way to go. Photo says battery is included and shows multiple pics of battery. Gets here, no damn battery. I’m going to rename Woot CNN :roll_eyes:

Can confirm this doesn’t come with the battery and charger. I took a chance hoping the pic showing the battery and charger was correct, and not the description, but the description was correct.