Greenworks 40V 20" Brushless Dual Port Mower

Greenworks 40V 20" Brushless Dual Port Mower

I bought this last time it came up. It works well but I was not prepared for how expensive the batteries are. Unless you already have an investment in their battery tech of the same voltage, maybe look at the ones that include a battery or 2 and a charger.

That being said, I bought it to do a small fenced in pet area of my 3 acre yard that I can’t get my 54" zero turn mower into. It does this as well as any gas mower. The smallest, cheapest battery, a 2.0AH, will do that bit but it will only run about 10 minutes so for any real mowing get a 4.0AH battery or 2.

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All these new mowers only showing 90 day warranty. I wonder if they are actually refurbished and listed as new, or if length of warranty is wrong.
I bought a new Ryobi battery mower that had 5 years warranty on mower and 3 years on the battery

I bought one of these on Prime Day several years ago. Beware that if this is the First Generation mower with these specs, the battery has been discontinued! That said Greenworks has given the exact same model# to the 2nd Generation battery as the 1st Generation, even though the 2nd Generation doesn’t fit on the 1st Generation mower. And because the model # is the same you can’t be sure which generation battery you’re getting if you buy one online. (the only way to get one) as most sellers are unaware of the difference between them. Great little mower that will be useless when my battery died.