Greenworks Brushless Cordless Mower

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Greenworks Brushless Cordless Mower
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Can I control it using my iPhone or do I have to actually go outside?

Does this have a charger included?

The product manual link goes to the corded model.

I have a Greenworks mower and love it. If I knew this was the same type as mine I would be tempted to buy this one to have extra batteries but although mine are also 40 volt they say G-Max which I think is a different type than the regular 40v. I definitely think an electric mower is the way to go if you have a small yard.

I made the switch to a cordless electric mower three years ago and I really don’t feel the need to nor do I want to go back to a gas mower. I do have a gas tractor to do the larger part of the yard, and I had bought the gas mower intending to only use it to do trim in the areas too small for the tractor but too big for the string trimmer. The quality of cut and ease of use made me decide to cut my entire small front lawn with the electric mower.

On the up side at the end of the season I just fold the mower and put it away, no oil change, gas to drain, and I wait until after the second mowing on the season to service the blade. Maintenance is charge the battery, keep the blade sharp, and blow it off with the leaf blower now and then.

The down side, it is not as quiet as you think, when you are mowing that blade sounds like a big fan, although your neighbors won’t really hear it at a distance. Battery is a limiting factor, you are not going to mow a half acre in a single battery, and self propelled models have even less battery life.

Finally a word of caution. Never charge Lithium batteries in a place where the temperature is below 35°F, this will ruin them quicker than any other abuse you can throw at them. You can use them in the cold, you can store them in the cold, but never charge them in the cold. I keep mine on the back porch, but once it goes below 35 the chargers don’t get plugged in until it warms up.

I have the 80V set up and the charger actually will not let you charge when it is that cold. I thought my charger or battery was broken but started to charge after moving it inside where it could warm up.

Does this include the bag?

own a couple of greenworks products. battery operated tools are the way to go.

I see in the ‘hang vertically’ pic that it’s missing, once bought a mower in a box and when we got it home no bag, nothing on box said bag not included. Thanks!

Yes, The Mower comes with everything pictured - including the charger.

Yes, The Mower comes with everything pictured, including the bag.

Your batteries will be compatible with this model as long as they are G-Max :slight_smile:

Although I don’t have this brand of cordless electric mower, I highly recommend going electric. Zero maintenance (other than blade sharpening occasionally), no going to the gas station for gas, much quieter, lighter, and no more headaches from the exhaust fumes.

If this was the 80V model, I’d be interested.

I just picked up my first Greenworks products. I have the 24v pole sale and 24v blower. I haven’t used them all that much but they work great! I cut half a dozen, or so, limbs with the pole saw and stuck the battery on the charger and it immediately went from red to green indicating that I had barely used and of the battery. So far very happy and will definitely be investing in other Greenworks stuff that use the 24v setup since the batteries are relatively expensive. In fact the pole saw itself cost less than the battery.

Full push or self-propelled?

Full push

Amazon has reviews for different models (included corded) mixed together. Reviews for this specific model aren’t stellar, mostly complaining about battery life: