Greenworks Brushless Cordless Mower

Greenworks Brushless Cordless Mower

Tempting as my mower is getting old, but 2.5AH batteries? Read the reviews - 12 minutes on each won’t cut it – it takes me an hour to mow our lawn. So then I’d be in for $200+ for the 4AH batteries; doubling the price.

i wish this was the 80V version… :frowning:


How big is this thing or how small are 55% of garages in the US, when storing this vertically saves 70% on garage space. I don’t think my car takes up 70% garage space.

Question for the moderator, i have tried an email to Woot to ask about missing pieces from this mower i ordered a few weeks back. What is the best course of action to get the missing pieces? I can’t put the handle together without the bolts and adjustment knobs that apparently were either not packed in the box or worked their way out of the box on the way to my home. Since i have not been able to use it yet, i cannot comment on battery life, performance on St. Augustine grass, etc. Thanks

MOD: Sorry for the problem. Check the battery area as noted by a wooter below. If that doesn’t work, the manual has directions if you are missing parts. “If any parts are damaged or missing, please call (1-888-909-6757) for assistance.”

If you have a small or smallish lawn then this is a fabulous lawnmower to have. I bought a Greenworks cordless mower a couple of years ago and I still love it. No gasoline, no spark plugs, no maintenance other than a good cleaning, and it’s quieter than a gasoline mower. I bought mine because several of my neighbors had them and I couldn’t be happier.

~1/4 acre of lawn. I don’t think the 2.5AH batteries would cut it (no pun intended), but I have been wanting one of these with the higher amp batteries. Good price on this though!

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Not to be rude, but have you checked the battery area for the parts? I got ones of these over a month ago and mine was down in the bottom of the battery port. I thought I was missing those same pieces for over a day. To find out that these pieces were stored in the battery area for shipping.

Amazon combines reviews for this mower with several other different models, including corded ones. :thinking:

To see reviews for this cordless mower only you can see all reviews and select the model under “All formats”:

If you further filter by stars, the breakdown is as follows:
5-star: 79
4-star: 31
3-star: 24
2-star: 17
1-star: 46

If you also filter by verified purchase, then by stars, breakdown is as follows:
5-star: 45
4-star: 14
3-star: 16
2-star: 12
1-star: 37

5-star and 4-star reviews drop by almost half when you filter by verified purchase. :thinking:
3-star and 2-star reviews drop by ~1/3. 1-star reviews drop by ~1/5.

Most of the 1, 2 and 3-star reviews (and even some of the 4-star reviews) complain about poor battery life. :thinking:

Maybe they combined reviews with the corded mowers for a reason.

Or…you could purchase some additional 2Ah batteries here:

So an extra $100 instead of his $200. Got it.

We have a Greenworks mower like this and it is wonderful. Ours came from Amazon and was more money but came with both a 4.0 AH and 2.5 AH batteries.
Comments are correct in that the 2.5 is a good finishing battery but doesn’t last long. The 4.0 does most of the yard though…wondering if WOOT might offer the 4.0 batteries in a separate deal as we’d buy at least one more as would several people here?
And with another battery, we could use a second charger too.

For smaller yards this mower is great though and does it all very nicely.

I have a different model that uses the 40v batteries. The 40v 2ah lasts 15-20 minutes and really more suited for a handheld tool like a chainsaw or string trimmer due to weight. From the photos it looks like there is more than enough space to use the 40v 4ah or 5ah which last over an hour. each Though the price of that longer charge battery is almost the same as the mower itself.

Other than having to take a two hour break to allow my batteries to recharge, which to be honest I was going to do anyway, my two years with a greenworks mower have been hassle free on my corner lot. It’s really lightweight which allows you to walk a little faster which cuts down on time mowing and makes maneuvering on slopes less of an effort.

Do these run all the time, like a gas mower? Seems like a poor design. Like they tried so hard to make you mistake this mower for a gas one that it’s less efficient.

My string trimmer is battery powered and if you release the trigger when you’re not cutting it lasts much longer. I know most people are in the habit of walking around with an idling or running gas tool but the instant on/off of an electric tool is a weird adjustment to make.

just my 2 cents.

Well, the mower is easy to start, so there’s nothing stopping you from turning it off and back on while just wandering around with it or standing still.

I have the 80V Kobalt (which is made by Greenworks) and the key to a good Electric mower is the recharge time on the batteries. A quick charge is vital. My two batteries each last about 30-40 minutes depending on the length of the grass. The charge time for the battery is about 40 minutes, so in theory, I can mow forever just off two batteries (of course, the batteries come out of the mower hot, and the charger will not charge a hot battery, so you have to let it cool off first.) Mowers with 2-3 hour recharge times would require you get 3-4 batteries I’d imagine.
I really don’t understand the “on board storage” for extra batteries. Batteries are heavy, and unless you just like the extra weight to push around, a waste to keep them on board. Likewise, if you live anywhere it’s hot, you shouldn’t store your batteries in the mower in the garage or shed if it gets hot. Heat is the enemy of Lithium Ion batteries. Store them inside and the life of the battery will be extended.
If you truly are doing yearly maintenance on your gas mower, the cost of batteries make up for the difference. No spark plug, no air filter, no fuel or stabilizers. No pulling on a cold engine that just doesn’t want to start and tearing the pull cord off the spool . . . Push a button, pull the kill switch up and away we go!

I had trouble finding the bolts and knobs for the handle too. Finally found them inside the black, mesh discharge bag.

I used my mower last weekend to pickup leaves and I’m really pleased with it so far. The bag filled up pretty quick because of the leaves, so I was using it in short 2-3 minutes bursts and then stopping to dump the bag. Each battery lasted 20-30 minutes of stop and go, hard use (because of the leaves). I am very pleased with it so far.

Just a comment on electric mowers. I used to have a TORO gas self propelled mower that required yearly trips to the repair shop to clean out the carburetor (no gas filter let small particles clog the jets.) It got to the point that the yearly repair costs exceeded the original cost of the mower. I finally gave up and bought an EGO self propelled electric mower. It has a 56v battery which lasts well beyond the 45 minutes it takes to do the lawn. Note that the battery is also running the second motor for the self-propelled wheels. The only time I had to recharge the battery while cutting was when i was chopping all the leaves in the fall, which required many passes to really reduce the leaves to dust. The mower cost about $500 at HD, but it was dollars well spent. I’ll never go back to a gas mower.

My counter-story is that I bought a $200 mower from Sears with a Briggs and Stratton motor in 2010 and the only thing I’ve ever done to it is clean the air filter and changed the blade after I ran over a stump. I have a small lawn, but then if you are in the market for a battery-powered lawn mower you also have a small lawn.

If it is really just 12 mins run time per charge (I find this hard to believe unless you are trying to mow waist-high grass), then how can they claim a run time of 70 mins in their documentation? Are they testing it running free in air? The discrepancy here makes assessment difficult.